A Glimpse of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

He was of medium height, neither very tall nor very short. His comlexion was pinkish white; his eyes were black; his hair was thick, glossy, and beautiful. A full beard framed his face. The hairs of his head were long, falling to his shoulders. They were black.His gait was so energetic that you could have said that he tore himself from the rock from each step, and yet at the same time he moved so lightly that with each stride he seemed not to touch the ground. But he did not walk proudly, as princes do. Tthere was so much gentleness in his face that once in his prsence it was impossible to leave him; if you were hungry, you were satisfied by looking at him and thought no more of food. Any man suffering from an affliction forgot his troubles when in his presence., charmed by the gentleness of his features and his discourse.

All who saw him agreed that they never met, neither before nor after, a man whose whose discourse was so delightful. His nose was straight; there were gaps between his teeth. Sometimes he would let the hair of his head fall naturally, at others he wore it knotted into two or four bunches.

At sixty-three-year age, no more than fifteen hairs on his whole body had yet become white with age – quoted by Hazrat Ali ibn Abu Talib (as), the 4th Rightful Khalifah of Islam, ‘Universal History’, by Tabari (d. 310 AH/923 CE.

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