Shari’ah and the Islamophobics

Frosty Wooldrige wrote a Zionist propaganda article entitled “US Must Never Succumb To Sharia Law”, on September 25, 2008. The aricle is full of his ignorance of Islamic Shari’ah and the usual Zionist propaganda lies about Islam – such as, Muslims overtaking their host countries; beheading; female genital mutilation; stoning women for adultry (also recommended in Jewish Torah); honor killing; forced and arranged marriages (arranged marriages are found to have much less divorce rates than the western dating marriages); women cannot leave without a male escort (maybe that’s why a woman is not raped every 90 seconds in any Muslim country as happens in the US), etc. etc.

Frosty seems ignorant not only about Islam and Muslims – but US Muslim population too. He wrote that “there are an estimated 2.5 million Muslims in the United States” – While according to America’s latest Census – Muslims make the largest religious minority (over 6 million, though Muslim sources estimate it to be over 9 millions). He also doen’t seems to know, that the majority of US citizen believe in Christianity – but even there religion is ridiculed every day by the powerful Jewish minority – so much so, that Jewish Lobby Group, Anti-Defamation League considers the New Testament as a hate material. So under such conditions – how could Americans succumb to Shari’ah Law!!

As far as “Muslims over taking the host countries” – western history shows that it has always been the Jewish minority, which took-over foreign countries. Even today, the US, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Australia are some of the few countries, which have been taken over by their Jewish minorities. France is home to more than six million Muslims, while Jewish population is less than 500,000. However, no Muslim has entered French parliament as yet – while Jews always have presence in parliament and in the Presidential Palces. The curren president of France Sarkozy is son of a Jewish mother and a stauch supporter of Zionist entity and even allegedly worked for Israeli MOSSAD before becoming a politician. Angela Markel, the Chancellor of Germany, with a Jewish population of less than 120,000 – has shown to be a Crypto-Jewess. It was Jews taking over of Christian countries, which made them being expelled from the host countries.

Islam requires a modicum of restraint, discipline in the sense that Believers have to stop their materialistic pursuits long enough to pray five times a day, a desire to raise ones children free of the moral corruption – which is a rare commodity in western societies – where Nuns are sexually abused, more than 30% of school-girls having sexual experience before turning 13-year-old, or US vice president’s daughter getting pregnant before marriage or US president found having sex with his Jewish female intern.

“Muslim’s are willing to die to protect their children from Ronald McDonald, pornography, abortionists, Hollywood, Talmudic/Noahide indoctrination, gay marriage, homosexual indoctrination in the schools, so-called art depicting their prophet in a glass of piss, etc… etc… The modern American Christian is content to leave it all in God’s hands, not because that’s what God wants, but because their fully indoctrinated pastors and priests tell them that’s what God wants. Trust me folks, God hates enlightened diversity, in all its ugliness. Too often I’m victimized by being made a captured audience and having to listen to so-called Christians tell me that they “follow the scriptures.” Bullshit! These same people cannot quote a single passage from the New Testament without distorting its meaning by adding something they heard on Fox News or from their thoroughly brainwashed brethren,” wrote Curt Maynard in his column (September 25, 2008).


As far Muslims’ influence on US foreign policy is concerned – Frosty could not mention a single Muslim name in Bill Clinton or George Bush administration, who could catch US president’s ears. Contrary to that, Jews are approximately 2% of US population (making US having more Jews than in Israel) – they have more members in both Congress and Senate than any other religious minority or even Afro-Americans, who are more than 21% of US population. Bill Clinton’s administration had more Jews, than any other US adminitration.

In 2006, the Pope spoke negative of Islam and Queen of Netherland made a similar negative remarks about Islam – and both persons were considered as using the western cherished  ‘freedom of speech’. In Feburary 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Williams, spoke about folding some part of the Islamic Shari’ah into British legal framework. His remarks were not considered as ‘freedom of speech’ and he was hounded by Islamophobic thugs, mostly the pro-Israeli groups. Muslim minority in Canada (over 800,000-strong) saw a similar Islomophobia several months ago in the so-called ‘Shari’ah debate’ in Ontario election on issue of funding for religious schools. As a matter of interest, both in Canada and France – Christian and Jewish religious schools are funded.

In a Muslim country, if someone insult the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Jesus (as) or any other Biblical prophet for that matter – he is putting his neck out for being chopped – not by the country’s government, but most propably by some ‘fanatic’ Muslim. Contrary to that, Hollywood makes anti-Christian movies and artists, who insult Jesus – are honoured.

In the US, nearly two million babies are killed each year through abortion. In Islamic Iran they hang people who kill babies. There is hardly a Muslim name in US Feminist movement, but it’s loaded with kosher names.

An unbiased study of Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s (pbuh) Haddiths would prove that Islam stands for person’s total submission to heis Creator (Allah), from his adulthood to his death – in every aspect of his/her life – family, community, social and political. Islamic Shari’ah is the source, based on Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s (pbuh) Seerah (life), which guide a Believer to fulfill Allah’s Commands. Islam is essentially a movement of social change and realization of social justice for the whole mankind. However, in order to accomplish is divine command – Islam has to become an authority in the land (Islamic State) through peaceful means to implement such social changes. 


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