Hindu Terrorism in India

Hindu elites and religious fanatics have a very long history of ethnic-cleansing and terrorism against the Native people (Shudhar aka Delite aka untouchable) and non-Hindu minorities. In the past, they almost eliminated the Bhuddist and Jain communities – most of which escaped to Indo-Chinese countries ot the Middle East. During last days of Mughal Empire, Skhism emerged out of Hindism – and under British rule (1750s to 1947) – Christianity was adopted by many low-caste Hindus to escape Hindu racism.

Afghan and Persian Muslims ruled Indian sub-continent for nearly a thousand year. However, since Muslim Hindustan was occupied by British East India Company in 18th century – Muslims have been targetted by both British occupation. After the unsucceful rebellion of 1857 – It were Muslims who suffered the most Hindu-British terrorism. The communal roits increased after the Muslims of India demanded more representation in government, military and economic sectors under British Raj after WW I. The British and Hindu elites’ indifference towards Muslims’ genuine demands lead Muslim leaders of United Bengal to establish All India Muslim League, which eventually succeeded in partition of India, resulting in creation of a separate Muslim State of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

As the result of partition, mass migration of population took place. While Hindus and Sikhs had to leave enormous amount of land and business – it were Muslims who suffered the human losses the most – over million killed and estimated 20,000 women abducted by Sikhs.

The extremist Hindu organizations like Hindu Mahasabha took law and order in hand – and it was one of its member, Nathuram Godse, who murdered Mahtama Gandhi on January 30, 1948 – for trying to make peace between Hindu and Muslim communities.

Muslims constitute the largest minority in India (over 18%) – but according to Gopal Singh Commission (1980) – “Muslims are one of the most backward and marginalized communities of India. They don’t figure more than 3-4% in any of economic sectors. Muslims representation is far below than the required – 3.27% in IAS, 2.7% in IPS, 3.37% in IFS, 1.56% in Central subordinate services.

The findings of a study done by professor Ashutosh Varshney (Columbia University) for Ford Foundation – showed that during 1950-1995, as many as 700 riots were carried out against Muslim minority by the Hindu majority. It was the common Muslim hatred towards Muslims, which brought Hindu extremist government of BJP to establish ‘brotherly’ relations with the Zionist entity. Both Mahtama Gandhi and Padit Nehru were against the establishment of a Jewish State on Muslim land of Palestine.

Other minorities, Christians (35 killed and 50,000 forced from their homes by Hindu mob recently), and and Sikhs.

Today, Yoginer Sikand’s article published in Kashmir Observer on Indian terrorism against Muslim minority.

‘This is the last battle for survival for India’s Muslims. I cannot even dare imagine how dreadful must be the insecurity of ordinary Muslims in this country,’ Suresh Khairnar opined, adding that the state, rapidly hurtling towards full-blown fascism, was hell-bent on quashing all dissent. ‘While Muslims demanding justice are branded as Islamic terrorists, those of us, like myself, who have Hindu names, are being targeted as Naxalites,’ he said. No political party was seriously taking up the cause of the Muslims who are being thus unfairly targeted, he pointed out, and in large parts of the country pro-Hindutva lawyers have made it impossible for anyone to take up their cases. The situation was grim not just in BJP-ruled states but also in states ruled by the Congress and the CPI(M), he added, where the attitude of the police towards Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis was, with a few exceptions, equally hostile. ‘They are fiercely anti-Muslim despite not having gone to RSS shakhas and despite being paid by a so-called secular state. They are doing the work of the Bajrang Dal’, he remarked.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University Roop Rekha called these chains of dastardly events as ‘signs of fascism, an attack not just on Muslims but also on democracy, indicating a total collapse of the Constitutional system’. She mentioned how Hindu fascist organisations regularly organise training camps for instructing their volunteers in the use of arms and also carry weapons in processions in the streets but are not stopped by the state machinery. ‘Yet, if Muslims just raise some religious slogan like Allahu Akbar they can be branded as terrorists ‘, she said. ‘I thought the judiciary was the safest institution for protecting the rights of minorities but this is not so. Several unfair judgments have been delivered and if we protest against them we run the risk of being accused of contempt of court’, she decried.

Now since India has become Israel’s and Washingtons’s best friend – It’s to be expected that the Indian government would escalate its violence against it largest Muslim minority.

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