Buddhist Genocide of Muslim minorities

Western mass media’s double standard need no proof when it comes to Muslims’ sufferings – religious, political, and human-rights. When a rare case of unjustice is done to non-Muslim communities in Muslim-majority countries – it makes headlines in western mass-media and is repeated by anti-Muslim pro-Israel professional propagandists on TV, radio and Internet for several weeks to demonize Islam and Muslims in order to hide Zionist barbaric actions against Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

Recently, Buddhist majority within Chinese province of Tibet made the headlines – not because, the western media Zionist Mughals have any love for the Buddhist communities – but due to the fact that China is helping Sudan’s Islamist government in oil and military sectors.

In the past, the pesecution of Christian in Muslim-majority Indonesian province of East Timor made the headlines – so much so that the western imperialist tool, United Nations, got involved and the oil-rich province was forcefull taken away from Indonesia. The problem in that part of Muslim world had nothing to do with Muslim-Christian religious conflict – but western greed and Australia’s re-colonization of East Timor.

Another case of Muslim-bashing was Taliban’s demolition of two old damaged Buddha staues at Bamiyan (Afghanistan) – which was Taliban’s showing their contempt for western hatred against their rule rather than Islamic teachings of religious tolerance towards non-Muslims. However, there was no protest from western moralists when Hindus fascist demolished centuries-old Barbri Mosque in India or Jewish violence against Abrahamic Mosque in Hebron and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Muslim minorities within Buddhist Maynmar, formally Burma (8 million), Cambodia and Thailand have been suffering for centuries. The Buddhist rulers in those countries continue to carry on the ethnic-cleansing of Muslim population by killing and terrorising Muslim communities, raping Muslim women, burning their houses, mosques and agricultural land.

Arakan, an Islamic State established in 1430 CE, was occupied by Burmese Buddhist forces in 1783 CE. The Buddhist regime immediately embarked on a policy of oppression and physical elimination of the native Muslim population. Under British rule, Buddhist mob carries Muslim massacre in 1942 CE, which resulted in the death of over 100,000 Muslims. Since Burma’s independence in 1948 – the violence against Muslims has increased. Some 20,000 Arakan Muslims were killed between 1962 and 1984. In 1990s, 200,000 Muslims were forced to migrate to neighbouring Bangladesh.

Patani is a Muslim-majority (8 million) province of Buddhist nation of Thailand (60 million). The Muslim land which accounts for 40% of country’s export – has been occupied by the Buddhist regime since 1782 CE. The Patani Muslims are not native ‘Siamese’, but Indonesian and Malaysian. They rebelled against Thai tyranical rule several times to establish a separate Muslimstate under Shari’ah law – but their resistance was always brutally put down – resulting a wave of migration to Malaysia. In 1944, 125 Muslim families were burned alive in the village of Belukar Samak. Muslims were forced to worship in front of Lord Buddha statues in Patani. Those who refused to do so – were either killed or thrown into Kota River.

Islam was brought into Cambodia by Muslim traders from Thailand. Before the Communist rule of Khmer Rouge, over 80,000 Muslims lived in Cambodia – now less than 20,000 remain. In 1973 CE, mosques were burned and Muslim prayers were banned. In 1975, all available copies of Holy Qur’an were confiscated and burned. Muslims leaders, who prefered to pray rather attend communist rallies – were executed.

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