Zionist Massacre of Lebanese Rufugee Camps

“A man was lying in two pieces. There was a woman, who was pregnant and I could see the arm and leg of her unborn baby poking out of her stomach. There was a man who had sharpnel in his head. He was not dead but you could see a piece of metal in his neck, like he’d had his throat cut. He told his daughter to come to help him and lift him up. And I heard her say: ‘Wait a minute, I’m trying to put my brother together – he’s in two pieces.’ There was another brother holding a child in his arms. The child had no head,” – Robert Fisk in ‘Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon’, pg. 669.

“Airplane come down to us,

Fly us off to Lbanon, We will fight for Sharon, And return in a coffin.” – Israeli soldiers’ song in Hebrew

“We renew our pledge to Jerusalem, to the Palestinians, and to the cause of Imam of Jerusalem; their city will forever remain in our souls, and will continue to be our cause, our battle, and our ultimate objective,” – Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah, October 28, 2005. 

More than 90% of Lebanon’s Palestinian students interviewed recently – said they believe that Hezbollah holds out their best hope to return to Palestine, and insist their parents would vote for Hezbollah in next year’s critical election if Palestinians were allowed to vote in Lebanon.

On September 16, 1982 – The Lebanese Christian militia members of Phalange, armed and trained by Israeli Zionist Army – entered Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila – under the cover of Israel Occupation Force (IOF) – and began one of world’s most barbaric massacre, which continued for the next two days.

The said massacre was planned by Zionist Jew butchers, Israeli Defense Minister Gen. Ariel Sharon, Gen. Raphael Eitan, Gen. Amos Yalon and Israel’s proxy Christian Zionists, Elie Hobeika and Fadi Frem, two top official of Phalange.

It was the result of this Zionists’ barbarism, which gave birth to Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizb’Allah. This small group of Shia minority in Lebanon through their religious dedication towards their fellow Palestinian Muslims, defense of their homeland and through discipline and moral superioty – has been grown into the greatest threat to Zionist entity after Islamic Revolution (1979) in Iran. It’s Hizb’Allah militia, which have been able to humiliate world’s fifth powerful army (IOF) in 2000 and 2006 – which no Arab Army have been able to do for the last 60 years.

Franklin Lamb has recently written a Three-Part article on this Jewish massacre of Gentiles in Lebanon.

Following initial post-Nakba humanitarian aid and solidarity extended by the Lebanese people, the Refugees soon became thought of as a burden, and at 94% Sunni, a threat to Lebanon’s delicately balanced National Pact.

Still controversial 26 years later is the fateful PLO decision to depart Lebanon in late August 1982. Israel’s occupation of nearly half of Lebanon, some 801 villages, the siege of Beirut, the departure of the PLO fighters and the collapse of PLO funded institutions left the Palestinians completely unprotected and marked the beginning of their most precipitous decline since their arrival in Lebanon.

Besides shared values regarding education, Hezbollah supports the project that is now finally happening to give Palestinians identification cards for the first time.

“This is so important to our people in Lebanon. Actually Hezbollah worked quietly with Prime Minister Siniora’s people to achieve this much needed progress,” the community organizer explained.  “They do a lot for us but they don’t announce it to the public so much.”

Some being watched by Hizb’Allah – are Al Qaida inspired Sunni Salafist cells, who consider Shia Hezbollah more their enemy than they do the US or Israeli governments. This observer would agree with Fisk that it will not be easy for Al Qaida to find enough supporters and adherents of the Salafi-Jihadi ideology to challenge the strength of Hezbollah’s well-organized partisans. Yet, no fewer than 11 Al Qaida-inspired groups, eager to destabilize Lebanon, and sometimes related to US-Israel projects, have been organizing according to Palestinian Popular Committee representatives inside the camps.  Some of their goals are being telegraphed by the rising campaign of threats coming from their sometime-sponsors in Tel Aviv and Washington.

Anyone living in Hezbollah’s society quickly learns that women not only control decision making and events in the three key rooms in their homes, the kitchen, children’s room and bedroom, but that they are the key pillars in the Party administration social programs.

The marriages between Shia and Sunni and Christian Palestinians are increasing.

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