Black Hawk Down

“Israel will become the western vanguard in the war against the Islamic enemy,” – Nathum Barnea, a prominent Israeli newspaper columnist.

“Israel sees Islam as the greatest danger to its dominance over the Middle East, itself built on cruelty, violation and oppression,” – Professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi in his book ‘The Israeli Connection: Who Arms Israel and Why?’

Remember 2001 PR movie Black Hawk Down – an American cover-up of its humiliation on October 3, 1993 raid on Somalia – leaving 18 US Special Force soldiers dead and two Black Hawk helicopters lost in a fight with local militia. This US fiasco hastened the withdrawal of 28,000-strong United Nations troops under American command were forced to withdraw from Somalia in 1994 – leaving more than 7,000 dead behind them. In the very near future, one can expect a flood of books, articles and even one or two movies – to cover another US-Israeli humiliation in the Horn of Africa – as the starving Ethiopian will not be able to keep murdering and raping Somalians under their military occupation much longer, unless Washington increase its ‘bailout’ to Ethiopia, as it did to the Zionist bankers, to the tune of US$700 billion at taxpayers’ accounts.

Ethiopia has a long history of military co-operation with Zionist entity. Emperor Selassie’s notorious 3100-strong “Emergency Police”, which he used to put-down Muslim uprising in Eritrea – was specially trained by Israeli experts. In 1971 – Israeli Navy was allowed to use the two strategically important Ethiopian islands, Halep and Fatima. In 1970 Turkish press published Muslim Eritrean leader, Abu Halid’s interview:

“Israel wants to see the port of Eilat and the Gulf kept open, since they are the doors to its trade with the Eastern world. If we in Eritrea manage to achieve independence, we could close this waterway to Israel in cooperation with southern Yemen south of the Red Sea. That’s why Israel is helping the Ethiopians. Six million Jews in the United States support this thesis…..”

Washington under pressure from the powerfull Israel Lobby – has played a great part in keeping the civil war in Somalia – by first putting arm sanctions against Somalian government and then giving the world the wrong impression that the country ruled by Islamic Courts Union – is a great threat to its neighbouring countries (as Islamic Iran is being projected, now, for the benefit of Israel) – even though Chatham House’s report credited ICU with: “a high level of peace and stability Somalia has not enjoyed in sixteen years.”

The western puppet government is busy crying Al-Qaeda at every turn, while offering lucrative deals to western oil companies in a bid to entice greater western sport. But this war was lost long ago. In turning to arch enemy, Ethiopia,  the transitional government’s fate was sealed. The nation will not abide an Ethiopian-US occupation – Guardian uk.

In Abukar Arman in his October 23 article Somalia after the Ethiopian Occupation addresses the current situation Somalia and what may lay ahead.

Islam was brought to Somalia by the Companions, who migrated to Abyssinia in order to be protected from the persecution of Makkan pagans. The northern part of country was occupied by the British in 1984 and the southern part by Italy in 1887 – ushering Muslim Holocaust in the region. In 1960, Somalia got independence from European colonizers, under the presidency of Aden Abdullah. However, a true independent rule was not what the western colonists and Israel had in mind. In 1969, a military take-over was engineered through Ge. Mohammad Said Barre – who obliged his foreign backers by banning all Islamic books, magazines and newspapers – and executed numerous Muslim intellectuals and scholars who opposed his pro-western dictorial rule. Barre fled the country in 1991 as result of massive protests and in-fighting. Since then, Somalians, like Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis have been at each others’ throats.

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