Islamic Iran and Purim

“While two Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam, are based on forgiveness – the third, Judaism, is based on vengeance,” – Israel Shamir

Purim (lot) or lottery used by Haman to choose the date for the massacre of Jews living in Persia – is one of the three most important Jewish religious holidays (the other being Passover and Chnukah). Purim is usually celebrated in the month of March (Adar 15) each year. According to Book of Esther (Magillat in Hebrew)), the Crypto-Jew Queen of Persia, Esther, pleaded to her husband, King Ahasuerus (who did not know that his wife was Jewish), to save Jews living in province of Shushan, who were declared ‘unloyal’ by King’s prime minister Haman. With the blessings from the King, Queen Esther and her adopted father, Mordechai, armed the Jews, who killed Haman and his family and carried out slaughter of over 75,000 Persian (Goyim) civilians. Haman’s entire estate was given to Esther and Mordrchai replaced Haman as country’s new prime minister.

It is not a coincident that Jewish extremist, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, chose Purim 1994, to murder 40 Muslim worshippers inside Hebron mosque – or Bush ordering the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Muslims and Christians (Goyim) on Purim 2003 (March 18-19, 2003).

Since early 1990s – Zionist regime has been lobbying in Washington for attacking Islamic Iran – to control its oil/gas resources by a pro-USrael ‘regime-change’. These efforts took momentum during Bill Clinton and son Bush administration, which boasted the largest number of pro-Israel Jews and Christians holding the top administration, military and diplomatic posts. After September 11, 2001 tragedy, which Bush Zionist administration and Jewish owned mass-media blamed on Muslims – The Muslim world became the sole target of Washington’s foreign policy. Every Muslim leader who challenged this pro-Israel policy – was labeled Hitler and Jew hater (Saddam Hussain, Dr. Ahmadinejad, etc.). When Iranian President called for the ‘regime-change’ in Tel Aviv – his remark was equated with ‘Wipe out Israel’ and another ‘Holocaust’ of Jews.

The Zionists’ mantra of Iranian ambition to acquire nuclear bomb – is as much a false propaganda ploy as was ‘Saddam has WMDs’ – six years ago. It’s not the Iranian nukes that the cunning Zionists are worried about (Israel is the only nuclear power in the Middle East, with reportedly more than 240 nuclear bombs) – it’s their natural ‘vengeance’ to go after Iranian, who government before 1979 Islamic Revolution – was the second Muslim ally of Israel – the other being Kemalist Turkey. However, since 1979 – things have taken 180 degree turn. Islamic regime in Tehran broke its diplomatic relations with Zionist entity and its patron-in-chief, USA.

Several Israeli leaders have called for the assassination of Iranian President, Dr. Ahmadinejad. The latest one is former Israeli Chief of Staff, Moshe \”Boogie\” Ya\’alon.

Sarah Meyer has posted a fine researched article – Will Israel Play Proxy in Iran? – in which she exposes all the evil characters, who are or will be pushing President-elect Barack Obama’s Zionist administration to go along with them to attack Islamic Iran and let more Americans and Iranians (Goyim) to die for the Jewish revenge.

Purim 2009 would be on March 9-11, 2009. Watch for that date!


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