Obama – The First Jewish President

“Although he would be the first Black president, don’t expect Obama to abolish slavery,” – Canadian Arab News

“I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president,” – Abner Mikvaner, former Chicago’s Zionist Congressman, a Federal Judge and White House counsel to former president Bill Clinton.

I believe Abner did not mean that President-elect, Obama, is a Crypto Jew – but that he will be more obedient to US Jewish Lobby than any earlier US president had been – which he has already proved by selecting some of the most anti-Muslim Jews and Christian for his administration – for example, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff; David Axelrod, senior presidential advisor, and Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to VP).  On the other hand, according to Jewish Law, Obama cannot be a Jew, because his mother was a Christian and not ‘Jewish’. According to ‘Jewish Virtual Library’ website – “A person born to a Jewish mother is considered a Jew, but he doesn’t have to practice any of the laws of the Torah to be Jewish. However, in Reformed Judaism – a child, whether born to a Jewish mother or father, must be raised as Jew, to be accepted as Jewish. According to Orthodox Judaism – the father’s religion and whether the person practices is immaterial. No affirmation or upbringing is needed, as long as the mother was Jewish.”

Historically, in fact, there have been two ‘hidden Jews’ who had occupied the White House in the past. For example, FD Roosevelt’s (born as Claes Roosevelt) mother Sarah Delano was descended from Sephardic Jews. Dwight David Eisenhower’s father was born to a Swedish Jewish father, David Jacob Eisenhower and mother, Ida Elizabeth Stover. Eisenhower is blamed for the murder of 1.7 million German Christians as result of his Jewish hatred toward Christians.

According to Chicago Jewish News – “Some of my earliest and most ardent supporters came from Jewish community in Chicago,” Obama told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) in 2004, just after his keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention had galvanized the party and made his name a household over night.

Canadian writer and expert on Middle East affairs,  Greg Felton, wrote the following excellent review on Barack Obama’s coming rule, on December 11, 2008:

For all of the hype about his representing “change,” Barack Obama is proving to be just another Israeli satrap. His [sic] decision to surround himself with Clinton-era retreads like faux-Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross, Mossad mole Rahm Emanuel, warmongering whore Hillary Clinton proves that his fawning and grovelling before AIPAC was not an aberration.

Like any American politician, Obama is well aware of the master/slave relationship in Washingtelaviv, and that his career, not to mention his life, depends on him doing as he’s told.

Of course, to admit that Obama will continue Bush’s anti-Muslim, made-in-Israel foreign policy doesn’t play well in a country desperate to believe in anything positive. Thus, to avoid any substantive analysis of Obama’s obsequiousness, media coverage of him is deliberately stripped of substance and reduced to image worship.

Before the election, his race was exploited for fearmongering and disinformation purposes—lies about Obama being born in Kenya and being muslim are still believed. Now, race is used as a palliative narcotic— “Be happy! Believe! Black = Progressive!”— and everywhere there’s that beaming smile.

Understandably, many people want to believe that Obama will bring change. After all, John McCain and his brain-dead bimbo of a running mate were so dangerously unelectable that even long-time neocons publicly declared for Obama.

The fact that Obama did win was good in the sense that the public was not taken in by the overwrought national anti-Obama smear-and-rumour campaign, led by none other than Faux News. For the first time since 1976, the U.S. public, not a neo-fascist pressure group, elected a president. On the other hand, one could argue that Obama didn’t win anything because voters had no real choice. The Democrats could have run an autistic hamster against McCain and still won.

For all of Obama’s charm and ability to speak in complete sentences, he has turned out to be a fraud, one that could be more disastrous than Bush. It’s easy to condemn a buffoon like Bush and a reptile like Cheney for committing genocide for Israel. It is almost impossible to criticize a likeable man, a likeable black man, for doing the same thing, especially since there is no alternative to Obama in the one-party state.

It is possible that Obama’s zionist toadying is an artful ruse designed to lull Israel and the Lobby into a false sense of security, and that at the right time he will actually behave like an American president. I hope this is turns out to be the case, but so far there is no evidence to support this wishful scenario.


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