Obama’s “Change” or deja vu?

President-elect, Barack Obama’s, foreign policy during election was based ‘for a change’ – which the Americans who voted for him and the Muslim world mean – a change in Washington’s blind support for Zionist entity against resistance groups Hizb’Allah and Hamas – withdrawal of foreign forces from both Afghanistan and Iraq and letting people solve their own problems – and especially Washington’s policy of waging Israel’s proxy war against Islamic Iran. However, looking at the crowd which would be surrounding Obama and guiding him for the next four years of his presidency – many political and military analysts have come to the conclusion that the President-elect has already prisoner of the Jewish Lobby.

Obama could not have picked-up a worse person than Hilary Clinton, as his Secretary of State. She made her loyalties known during her campaign – to Israel. She is an ardent supporter of war in Iraq and, like Israeli leaders, threatened Islamic Iran with nuclear weapons. She is also against any peaceful and honourable solution for Palestinian plight.

Keeping Bush’s Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, mean that Pentagon will maintain its major role in Obama’s foreign policy and horrible spending – 50% of world’s arms spending! Gates is a former CIA official and known warmonger. He asserted that Washington has the right to launch pre-emptive strikes against its real and imaginery (Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, etc.) enemies.

Dr. Susan Rice 44 (an Afro-American), former member of Clinton’s National Security Councilwould be Obama’s representative at United Nations. She is a hawk and also believer of pre-emptive military strikes and last year testified before Congress on behlaf of an American-lead bombing campaign initiated by Jewish groups, or naval blockade to force Sudan’s Islamist government to stop its so-called genocide in Darfur.

Obama is expected to nominate his advisor, Dennis Ross, as his Middle East negotiator – dealing with Palestinian Authority (PA) and Islamic Iran. Dennis Ross is pro-Israel Zionist Jew. For more than 12 years, Ross has played a major role in shaping Washington’s policy in Palestine on behalf of Zionist-regime – as member of both Bill Clinton and Dubya Bush administrations.

Gareth Porter in his report Change or Deja Vu? Obama divides Iran, published in Asia Times (December 13, 2008) – evaluates the Iranian national security officials and political leaders who have been carrying out an internal debate over how much freedom President-elect Barack Obama will have to change US policy toward Iran, and those who have argued that he will not be able to do so have gained the upper hand since Obama’s announcement of his national security team, interviews with Iranian officials and their advisers reveal.

Hamid Reza Dehghani, director of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East at the Institute for Political and International Studies, a think tank for Iranian foreign ministry, said – “If he (Obama) has made himself and really elected by the people, we should wait and see his changes, but if he is pushed by power centers (Israel Lobby), it’s already clearly decided.”

“Obama’s national security team and especially the choice of Hilary Clinton has disappointed those who have held hope for change in US policies,” – Ali Akbar Rezaei, director general of Iranian foreign ministry’s North and Central American affairs department.

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