Desert Power – More wars for greed

Majority of world’s known energy resources (oil and gas) happen to be within the Muslim world – which has been one of the major reason, other than the protection of Zionist entity in the Middle East – for the western colonial powers to attack, murder, occupy and destroy the Muslims to develop their nation-states by utilizing their natural resources.

Israeli professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi in his book The Israel Connection wrote that Israeli involvement would be found in almost every Muslim country’s political or military conflicts. He wrote: “Israel is not a surrogate of the US. It did not act as a US surrogate in Algeria, Uganda, Ethiopia, Turkey, Morocco, Zaire, South Africa, and many other places. Israel has its own foreign policy, but is certainly a strategic asset and a valuable ally of the US, especially when it comes to covert operations.”

The Jewish Lobby groups in the US and Britain did use oil as a bait to destroy two Muslim countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, recently.

Most Muslims are not aware of the fact – that not in a distant future, their ‘troublesome’ deserts could attract more vultures to invade several Muslim countries to replace world’s declining oil and gas resources with solar power by using deserts in North Africa and the Middle East.

According to the Center for Global Development – by 2020, some 35 million Europeans could be powering their homes from electricity generated by the sun in the deserts of Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya – to name a few Muslim countries. According to Kevin Ummel and Dr. David Wheeler, two researchers at the CGD in their working paper, titled Desert Power: The Economics of Solar Thermal Electricity for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, wrote – “solar thermal or concentrating solar power (CSP), a commercially available technology that uses direct sunlight and mirrors to boil water and drive conventional steam turbines. Solar thermal power production in North Africa and the Middle East could provide enough power to Europe to meet the needs of 35 million people by 2020.”

Lester Brown, an environment expert, in his recently published study has recommended to the US government to invest in big solar power-generating plants to over-come the current economic recession. Brown notes that while every US$1 billion invested in coal-fired power plant generates some 870 jobs, the same investment in wind-energy technologies would produce 3,350 jobs and with same investment in solar power-generating plants would produce 1,480 jobs.

Last month, ‘Israel-First’ President-elect, Barack Obama, named John Holdren, a ZERO-population activist, to head the White House (maybe renamed ‘Black House’) office of Science and Technology.

According to this source – “A solar thermal power plant built on about 1% of the surface of Sahara Desert would be sufficient to satisfy the entire world’s electricity demand.”


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