Israel – Occupation based on myths

There are dozens of myths created by European Judeo-Christian Zionists to legitimize their colonial outpost in the heart of Muslim world. It’s impossible to address all of them in a short article, except the following, which are propagated the most:

1. “Jewish people have God given right to the land known as Canaan,” – Bible.

First of all, Bible is not known for scientific or historical facts – as stated by Encyclopaedia Biblica (Vol. IV, p.4980) – “The New Testament was written by Christians for Christians….”. As a matter of fact, European Zionist leaders were not practicing Jews, but used the so-called Biblical Promise of Zion in order to exploit fellow Jews and fool the Christian world. Theodor Herzl and his Zionist culprits were aiming for a secular-social Jewish society in a new homeland. Canannite civilization existed on that land as early as 3,500 BC. According to Jewish scholar, Erich Fromm: “If all nations would suddenly claim territory on which their forefathers lived two thousand years ago, this world would be a madhouse.”

2. “Jews were expelled from Arab lands for Arabs’ hatred of Jews.”

History, in fact, paints Arabs as liberators of Jewish communities in Jerusalem (638), Spain (711), Palestine (1186), and Germany (1940s). The discovery of the Cairo ‘Geniza’, a treasure trove of documents found in the 11th century Cairo Synagogue, prove that Jewish communities were an integral part of Islamic culture. After WW I, it were Zionist leaders and Zionist agents and British officials who created fear among Jewish communities living Arab countries – to relocate them into British mandated Palestine as part of Zionist strategy to increase the Jewish population in Palestine.

3. “Land without people for a people without land,” – Zionist motto.

At the time of Balfour Declaration (1917), there were 65,000 Jews living in Palestine, as compared to 700,000 Arab Muslims and Christians. This was confirmed by the mid-wife of Balfour Declaration, British Zionist foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour by saying: “Zionism is of far profounder import that the desires of 700,000 Arabs who inhabit the land.”

United Nations’ 1947 Partition Plan, influenced by Europe’s guilty conscience of Holocaust – awarded 56% of Palestine to Jews, who owned only 6.5% of land at that time. Now the Israeli Occupied Territories (PA) comprises less than 22% of Palestine.

4. “PLO and Israel’s neighbour don’t accept Israel’s right to exist.”

The reality is – It’s Zionist-regime, which is based on a Jewish demographic (Jewish only) state, which having successfully wiped-off the map, centuries-old country (Palestine) – have been confiscating more and more Arab lands and invading its Arab neighbour under cooked-up excuses with the help of powerful Jewish lobbying groups in the US and EU countries. In 1988, PNC accepted a ‘two-state’ solution. According to Israeli historian Benny Morris: “In 1948, only five Arab countries sent their ill-equipped armies to help Palestinia to defend the part of land (44%) awarded to them under the partition plan….where Jewish forces were conducting massacres to promote panic among the Palestinians. Those who did not flee in terror were loaded on to trucks or marched off under armed escort into exile, their property and homes subsequently confiscated.”

In addition all the so-called ‘peace plans’ between Israel and PLO – were destroyed by Zionist-regime, even before the ink got dried.

British historian John Rose (a Jewish academic, author and politician) in his book The Myths of Zionism. Theodor Herzl, the father of modern Zionism, was an Austrian Jewish journalist. He was not particularly interested in Palestine as a ‘Jewish homeland’. He, originally, considered Argentina, but later realized that the Jewish biblical myths were a potent source of inspiration for developing an exclusivist and highly nationalistic identity. However, he was aware of the fact that without the backing of a European colonial power, Zionists’ plan would not materialize. Herzle is quoted in Our Roots: “England with her possessions in Asia should be most interested in Zionism, for the shortest route to India is by way of Palestine. England’s great politicians were first to recognize the need for colonial expansion. And so I believe in England the idea of Zionism, which is a colonial idea, should be easily understood.”

5. “Every religious community has its homeland. Why not Jews.”

Rabbi Julian Morgenstern, president of Hebrew Union College of New York (1922-1947) viewed Zionism as an ideology of identity by negation. The Zionist reaction to assimilation, including retreat to the Middle East, seemed to him an admission of defeat and acceptance of anti-Semitic values. To him this way Zionism was escaping Judeophobia instead of repairing Judeophobic societies (a similar advice was given to Chaim Wiezmann, president of WJC by Mahtama Gandhi in 1937) – a treason and dereliction of duty, in violation of the universal tenets of Jewish values of identity and inclusion.

“The great majority of world Jewry opposed Zionism and creation of a Jewish state well into WW II. This opposition came from all sorts of Jews, Reform, Ultra-Orthodox, Communists, Bundists, and plain ordinary Jews,” – Avaraham Berg, former speaker of Knesset, in his book ‘The Holocaust is Over: We Must Rise From its Ashes’.

6. “Judaism is not based on racism.”

Historically, Israelite or Jewishness has always based on tribalism or nationalism. In the old days, Israelites were only those people, who were children of the 12 sons (tribes) of prophet Israel (Jacob). After the establisment of King Solomon’s empire of “Judea and Samara” – its citizens following the Torah used to be known as ‘Jews’. Even the Bible confirm it by quoting Jesus that “he came to preach only to the House of Israel”.

Theodor Herzl in his book Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State), wrote: “Our community of race is peculiar and unique, for we are bound together only by the faith of our fathers.”

According to Halacha as interpreted by traditional Jews over many centuries: the ofspring of a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father is recognized as a Jew, while the ofspring of a non-Jewish mother and a Jewish father is considered a non-Jew. To become a Jew, the child of a non-Jewish mother and a Jewish father must undergo conversion.

Some of the recommended books and other material to understand the true background of Zionism, are:

1. Zionism in the Age of Dictators, by Lenni Brenner, a Jewish historian.

2. A Jewish Defector Warns America, by Benjamin Freedman.

3. The Hidden History of Zionism, by Ralph Shoenman, a Jewish historian.

4. A Self-hating Jew, website of Norman Finkelstein PhD.

5. When and How Was Jewish People Invented, Professor Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University

6. Hitler: Founder of Israel

7. Zionist FAQ


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  1. What a brilliant article. I shall be using this against the trolls. Thank you

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