BBC’s Jews

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is supposed to be a publically owned multi-media company – but in reality most of its top management and decision-making positions are held by pro-Israel Jews. The latest addition to BBC executive board is Marcus Paul Agius (b. 1946) born into a Jewish family and married to the daughter of Edmund de Rothschild, the family known to be the founder of Israel.

It was Marcus, who allegedly influenced BBC decision not to broadcast British MP George Galloway’s appeal for humanitarian aid for the Gazan victims of Zionazi thugs.

The other Jews, who are and had been occupying top positions are – Greg Dyke, Tony Cohen, Alan Yentob, Alan Bookbinder, Jenny Abramsky, etc. In his 2003 article, Thomas Sparks, reported that the Zionist Jews have an almost total grip on the media in Britain. In addition to the BBC, Jews also control ITV, Granada Plc, ITN, Angelia Television, BSkyB, etc. Furthermore, 85 million copies of Jewish-controlled newspapers are sold in Britain evert week, controlled by Richard Desmond, Rupert Murdoch, Guy Zitter, and Zionist Conrad Black and his Jewish wife, Barbara Ameil.

Like Britain, Jewish control of mass media is also a taboo in the US. However, interestingly, a Jewish Website “Juaism Online” gloated in its article “Jewish Success in American Media” – which proves that’s why US media spends more time on Israeli cause, hatred toward Islam, Christianity, Palestinian, and pushing Zionists’ immoral and political agenda. The list included CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN.

The Media Channel Org has a chart posted on internet, which shows that six Jewish companies owns 96% of World’s media.

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    The director generals wife and children are Jews. He is a crypto-Jew.

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