Shame on him

Both Fatah’s Mahmoud Abbas and Kabul’s king Karzai has many common traits. The most hilarious one is that both like to play bullies to scare their enemies by making idiotic threats which they don’t have the teeth to carry out without the blessing and help from their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.

Fatah chief Abbas’s term as “President of Palestinian Authority (PA)” – a title bestowed on him by USrael – being the “only negotiating partner” – expired on January 8, 2009. By PA Constitution, he is obliged to call for a new election for that post. However, the Israeli National Security Council advised Zionist regime to make everything in its power to hinder ‘the elections in the PA at all cost’ because it may lead to another Hamas victory. Zionist regime, therefore, as usual, had no problem in inventing an excuse for its so-called “Operation Cast Lead aka another Jewish humiliation” to carry out slaughter of 1.5 million unarmed Gazans.

While Abbas is mad on Zionist regime for failing to topple Hamas government – he has also threaten Tehran to shut-down the West Bank office of Tehran-based Arabic language TV news Channel Al-Alam, because its reporters refuse to address Abbas by his “expired title”.

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is a secularist politician but his real family backgroud is shrouded in mystery. On January 12, 2001 – Egyptian newspaper, Al-Usbu, quoted Palestinian writer Abd al-Qadir Yasin that Mahmoud Abbas’ Bahai family migrated from Iran to Palestine under British mandate and their family name was “Mirza”. Abbas was 13-year-old when his family was forced to leave their home in Safad, which was destroyed by Jewish terrorists belonging to Palmach brigade.

In May 28, 2003 – Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported former Mossad Chief, Shabtai Shavit, claiming that Abbas belongs to Bahai sect.

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