Holocausts – Too many to remember

Personally, I tends to agree with Dr. Norman Finkelstein mother’s interpretation of Holocaust: “Jews or anyone else doesn’t has the monopoly over Holocaust.”

Jewish religious text mention two Jewish Holocausts carried out by Romans. According to Jewish holy book Talmud (Gittin 57b): “Four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar – While Gittin 58a claims that sixteen million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. The Book of Esther tells the story behind Jewish festive holiday of Purim, which is based on the slaughter of 75,000 non-Jewish Persians on the order of King Ahasueros (Xerxes) on the advice of his Jewish Queen Esther and Jewish prime minister Mordecai.

After entering Jerusalem on July 15, 1099 – the Christian Franks under the command of Godfrey of Bouilion slaughtered the entire Muslim and Jewish population (over 70,000) during the next three days.

Between 15th – 17th century, European settlers killed between 100 to 180 million Natives in Americana. Later, Europeans killed more than 80 million Africans in process of their Black slave trade.

In 1492, when Crusaders captured the last Muslim state in Spain, Granada – they killed 3-5 million Muslims and 173,000 Jews as part of Inquisition.

Between 1891 and 1911 – some 10 million Africans perished in the course of Europe’s exploitation of Congolese ivory and rubber resources.

“The same Europe that we are now trumpeting as a model of pacifism has been built by wars, down to the last stone. The two World Wars, only recently fought – caused 100 million deaths including 60 million civilians. The Russian and Chinese Revolutions caused at least 50 million more deaths; actually, historians have recently revised it upward to 100 million. As far the 146 little wars since 1945, they have discreetly exterminated close to 30 million people – 75% of them civilians in the name of world power….” – Phillipe Delmas writing in “The Rosy Future of War”.

On western hypocrisy on building tax-payers funded Holocaust Museums to highlight Jewish sufferings at the hands of Nazi regime – professor Norman Finkelstein said: “Imagine the wailing accusations of hypocrisy here, if German were to build a national museum in Berlin to commemorate not the Nazi genocide but American slavery or the extermination of Native Americans.”

According to Canadian columnist, Eric Margolis (May 9, 2005), Stalin was resposible for the killing of more than 30 million Christian and Muslims between 1941-1953 – while Hitler killed around 12 million Gypsies, Christians and Jews.

During WW II – British colonialists created Bengal famine, which resulted in the death of 4 million Bengali Muslims and Hindus.

Between 1932-33, Stalin and his communist thugs were responsible for the murder of over 9 million Ukrainian Christian men, women, children and farmers.

In the aftermath of India’s partition in August 1947 – over one million Muslim men, women and children were killed and over 15,000 Muslim girls abducted by Hindu-Sikh extremists.

Since 1991 Gulf War – more than 2 million Iraqi civilians have been killed by American wars, occupation and sanctions for the benefit of Israel.

Since 1998 Congo War – 5.4 million people have died.

While most of those non-Jewish Holocaust have been errased from history books – any challenge to the numbers of Jews killed under Nazi regime – has been declared a crime in Germany, France, Australia, and Israel. In fact Zionist entity and its western collaborators have been using the Holocaust as a political asset against their Palestinian victims.

Zionist regime predicted the recent Gaza Holocaust in March 2008.

No blog posted an interesting post Burn in Hell you deniers of the Holocausts!


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