Better Khatami than Ahmadinejad

“Neither East nor West; Islam is the best,” – And “Neither Shia, nor Sunni; rather an Islamic Revolution” – were the slogans after the pro-USrael kingdom was proclaimed ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ in 1979.

Since 1990s, The Jewish Lobby in America has been funding more than 24 satellite tv stations beaming anti-Revolution propaganda lies into Iran to wean the Iranian people away from their committment to Islam and their support to Islamic resistance groups in occupied Palestine and Lebanon. In addition the US officials, committed to Jewish occupation of Palestine, keep throwing some candies toward Tehran, which make the non-committed Iranian officials – the so-called “moderates” or “reformists” – very happy. Therefore, the only hope for the survival of Islamic Revolution for the next 30 years or more – are Ulema and institutions dedicated to Imam Khomeini’s revolutionary vision. Without them, Iran would, for the interests of USrael, become a ‘Shia Saudi Arabia’ or a secularist ‘Kemalist Turkey’.

Last Sunday, former Iranian president, Ayatullah Mohammad Khatami, announced to run against Dr. Ahmadinejad in the coming presidential election due in June 2009. Giving this news, The Los Anglese Times called Khatami “a moderate and someone the West rather would try to negotiate with than President Ahmadinejad”.

David Menashri an Israeli researcher with Zionist think-tank, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (founded in 1985), wrote in ‘Iran under Khatami: A Political, Economic and Military Assessment’ – “Khatami is not an average Mullah. He is not the best representative of the ruling religious institutions. Seen as ‘Ayatullah Gorbachev’, Khatami could lead to an ‘Iranian-style perestroika’! But Khamenei’s position in the revolutionary hierarchy limits Khatami’s freedom, mainly as the Rahbar doesn’t share many of president’s (Khatami) convictions and in fact often identifies with president’s opponents…..The revolution has already deviated from many of its ideological convictions.”

Eliyahu Kanovsky, another Israeli ‘expert’ wrote in the same book: “Iran has a sick economy. The president who is constitutionally charged with dealing with economic affairs, is hampered by lack of sufficient authority to make basic changes,” – meaning, like Bush/Obama, cannot award US$700 billion to the Zionist vampires  in The Wall Street (Bazari in Iran).

Professor Juan Cole (PhD in Islamic Studies from University of California in 1984) is President of the Global American Institute – and like that ‘Islamophobic’ Zionist Jew, Dr. Daniel Pipes, is considered an ‘authority’ on the Middle East affairs. In his February 09 article Could Khatami be Iran’s Obama? – meaning Khatami, like Obama, would serve Israel’s interests better than the current Iranian President Ahmadinejad (a PhD holder and a former professor like Juan Cole). Juan Cole was born into a Christian family in 1952 and converted to Bahai cult in 1972, but left it in 1996 due to some disputes with Bahai leadership concerning the “Bahai system of administration”. Dr. Cole married Pakistani Shahin Malik in 1982 in Lahore.

Here are some of the predictions of Dr. Cole, the ‘armchair Isranian expert’:

1. Khatami still remains very popular among youth, even though he failed to deliver economic reforms during his 8-year presidency.

2. Since June 2005, Iran under Ahmadinejad has been isolated and has become a laughingstock on the world stage (the ‘world’ is where Zionist-controlled governments rule). Ahmadunejad’s forceful rhetoric against Israel has given Iran’s foes pretext to attacking it/or doing regime change.

3. Khatami upbraided Ahmadinejad for his Holocaust denial and says he is committed to a two-state solution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. It seems that the good-old ‘expert’ doesn’t know that the so-called “two-state solution” was in fact announced on November 2, 1917 (Balfour Declaration) and not the Dubya Bush administration – which Zionist thugs have not agreed even after 91 years!

4. Ahmadinejad had a big oil income in 2008 and assiduously put the money into economy (not in his pocket like most of world rulers). Although Ahmadinejad has benefited the rural population through public works such as road and school buildings (what a waste of taxpayers’ money!) his high inflation policies have hurt the farmers (well he is supposed to make everyone happy as they do in the US where 46 million Americans cannot read or write!).

5. Ahmadinejad’s economic policies have been bad for “Bazari”, the nexus of artisans, money-lenders, shop-keepers, import-export merchants, and industrialists (the rich classes).

6. Ahmadinejad has brought relations with the United States (a colony of Israel Lobby) – to lows not seen since the 1980s (of course Doc. because Iran before Islamic Revolution was the greatest Israeli ally after Turkey).

7. In 2004, Khatami even agreed to a temporary suspension of nuclear enrichment activities (Hello Doc. – the NIE says Iran suspended its military-related nuclear activities in 2003).

Dr. Cole’s rant in favour of Khatami and against Ahmadinejad goes on an on. However, like the other western pro-Israel ‘armchair experts’ Dr. Cole too doesn’t realize that real power in any country – the military – is under Rahbar’s control and not the President of Iran.

2 responses to “Better Khatami than Ahmadinejad

  1. In order to find out how one can become the ‘darling’ of Zionist crowed – read the story of US president Barack Husein Obama.

  2. Its interesting, when the enemy praises you – you know that youre doing something wrong!

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