Afghanistan – Blaming the Puppet, eh!

“Mullah Omar is a religious man, a man of humanitarian instincts, not a man of violence, but one who had suffered greatly under the Afghan warlords,” – General Mahmood Ahmed, Chief of the ISI told CIA director George Tenet (a Jew by the name David Cohen in his high school days) – quoted by Bob Woodward in his book ‘Bush at War’.

It seems that like Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf, Kabul’s president Hamid Karzai has lost grace with his masters in Washington – so much so that he was not even invited to attend Hussain Obama’s inauguration parade. To insult the puppet more – Washington invited Karzai’s adversaries – Abdullah Abdullah, the former foreign minister, Dr. Ashraf Ghani, the former finance minister and Gul Agha Sherazi, governor of Nangarhar. In return, in February, Karzai threatened Obama administration that if he did not receive military planes within one month – he is going to seek them from Russia. He also announced that in future all aerial attacks and house searches by foreign forces have to be coordinated with his military personnel. I am sure, the Pathan cook is just trying to put a tough image for the coming slection – otherwise, everyone knows that puppets never have teeth to bite their masters.

By now, it’s clear to most of political-aware people that American invasion of defenseless Afghanistan had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or liberating Afghan women from fundamentalist Taliban rule or democracy or the so-called “War on Terrorism”. What it really boil-down to is – America’s greed for region’s natural resources including poppy for the Jewish monopolized drug industry , and Hindu-Jewish desire to dismember Pakistan – the only Muslim country with nuclear power.

In February, 2002 – the western puppets, Gen. Musharraf and Karzai, agreed to build the US proposed pipeline from Caspian sea to Gwadar town via Afghanistan. The new port at Gwadar, on the western extremity of the coast, to serve as the oil terminal for the Caspian oil and gas could become another thorn within the unity of Pakistan – considering that the country already have a modern Port Qasim where all future additional needs could be met and is also located at the same distance from the Caspian Sea. The new Port built at the expense of poor Pakistani taxpayers will be serving the greed and political interests of the US and the multi-national oil cartels.

Since the pumping of oil and gas would depend on Pakistan foreign relations – it could create problems if some day in the future a patriotic Islamist leadership take hold of the country’s affairs. Pakistan having the largest Muslim population after Indonesia and its history of support for Palestinian cause since its establishment on August 14, 1947 – and with its nuclear arsenal – would certainly pose more threat to Zionist entity than Islamic Iran. Naturally, the West’s solution to such senario would be to separate the part of the country (Balochistan) that provides the link to Central Asia from the rest of Pakistan and turn it into a banana republic under another pro-Zionist puppet regime.

Afghanistan is situated in a region full of vast unexploited oil, gas and mineral reserves. In its September 10, 2002 issue – The Oil and Gas Journal reported that the region represents one of the world’s last great frontiers for geological survey and analysis, offering opportunities for investment in the discovery, production, transporation, and refining of enormous quantities of oil and gas resources. It’s estimated that by 2050 Central Asia will account for more than 80% of oil consumed in United States. The oil and gas resources in the Caspian Sea area is estimated to be worth US$6 trillion based on 2002 oil/gas prices.

Zia Sarhady in his article Karzai loses master\’s favor, published in Crescent International, March issue – wrote:

“Long before Barack Obama was sworn in as president, the Americans had started to mutter darkly that Hamid Karzai was not only ineffective, he presided over a government that was corrupt and harbored drug and warlords in Afghanistan. While not all charges are false, Karzai alone cannot be blamed for all of them; it appears like another desperate attempt to shift blame for America’s own disastrous policies. In the past, Pakistan was “not doing enough”; now that its army and air force are attacking civilians in Bajaur, Swat and Waziristan but resistance has still not subsided in Afghanistan, the Americans must find someone else to blame: Karzai. Obama has demanded that he “get out of the bunker” (it was built for him by the Americans, replete with bodyguards!) and govern effectively.

 Bombing and killing civilians are not the work of Karzai or his ineffective army and police. Almost all civilian casualties in Afghanistan (2118 were killed in 2008 according to John Holmes, UN emergency relief coordinator) have resulted directly from US aerial attacks. It is these killings that have alienated large numbers of Afghans and pushed them into supporting the resistance. According to the International Council on Security and Development, the resistance now controls at least 72 percent of Afghan territory, up from 54 percent in 2007. And how effective the resistance is can be gauged from the fact that the Taliban simultaneously attacked three ministries in Kabul on February 11 killing more than 20 people. ……”

On March 9, the Christian Science Monitor, published Ben Arnoldy’s article Pakistan\’s tenuous gains on Taliban , which is basically a Zionist propaganda crap dished out by Zionist think-tank RAND – turning the local tribal rebellion aganist American puppet government in Islamabad into a Taliban militancy. Incidently, the Austrian Jewish wife of Bush’s most favourite Afghan, Zalmay Khalilzad – Cheryl Benard is a senior policy adviser at the California-based think tank Rand. She is also the author of book “Civil Democratic Islam – partners, resources, strategy”.

What is need is the introduction of proper police force into the tribal areas, says Ms. Fair with RAND, adding that neither the lashkhars nor the Frontier Corps are up to this task. “It’s always the police which win insurgencies,” she says. What it means that now the Zionists controlling Obama – want police to die for American cause.


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