Morocco: Ruled via “baraka”

“Late King Hasan II was a friend to the government of Israel in their voyage toward peace with the Arab people,” – Ehud Barak, Israel’s prime minister, while attending King’s funeral in July 1999.

Morocco broke its diplomatic relations with Islamic Iran on March 06, 2009 – blaming Iranian embassy in Rabat for spreading Shia Islam in the predominantly Sunni Muslim country. Under Moroccan law – such conversion is considered direct attack on the monarchy!!

Morocco along with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Abbas of the West Bank, and some other western-puppet Arab League member countries, which prefer to see Islamic Resistance Hamas stew a little longer in Zionazi fire – boycotted Doha Conference on Gazzah, which was attended by Islamic Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Mauritania, and Algeria. Morocco has also closed his embassy in Venezuela in protest to Hugo Chavez’s expulsion of Israel ambassador

Maj. General Moulay Mohammed PhD, became King Mohammed VI of Morocco in July 1999 after the death of his father, King Hasan II. King Mohammed’s “baraka” is his claim to be the 36th descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the commander of the faithful.

In the old Sherifian empire, the succession to the sultanate was based, not on birth, but on the choice of the ulema (Islamic scholars), which was changed in July 1957 by King Mohammed’s grandfather, Sultan Muhammed ben Youssef, who was reinstated by the French colonialist on November 6, 1955 and then granted Morocco independence on March 3, 1956. On October 29, 1956 – Spanish colonists withdrew from Tangier, which was reunited with the Sultanate and Morocco was declared as the Kingdom of Morocco, and the Sultan became King Muhammed V. A 1973 decree, makes it a criminal offence to publish anything considered to be offensive to the royal family. Offender risk imprisonment of up to 20 years.

Canadian columnist, Eric Margolis, reporting on King Hasan II’s funeral on August 1, 1999 wrote:

“Hasan ruled Morocco with iron fist for 38 years, using his 196,000-man armed forces and ubiquitous secret police. Thousand of political and tribal opponents, and those who sought to change Morocco’s medieval feudal system, were imprisoned, tortured, sent to remote camps in the desert, or killed. The most important Moroccan dissident, Mehdi Ben Berka, who called for an end to monarchy and creation of democracy, was kidnapped in Paris by Moroccan and Israeli Mossad agents and murdered……..”

Mossad has a long history of training and arming Moroccan army and intelligence forces and carrying out faked ‘suicide bombing’ to terrorize Moroccan Jews to emmigrate to Israel. Moroccan Jews makes the largest group (over 600,000) of four million foreign Jewish settlers – after the unwanted European Jews to rob the natives’ of their land and other properties. Casablanca suicide bombings (2003), targeting ‘Jews’ – in which 41 people were killed but not a single Jew – was blamed on Israel by Malaysian prime minister Mahatir. In the aftermath of which the Israeli and local Zionist leaders advised the remaining 12,000 Moroccan Jews to migrate to Israel.

Israel’s former Defense Minister Amir Peretz (b. 1952) is son of a Moroccan Jewish family, which migrated to Israel in 1956. The other Moroccan-born Israeli cabinet minister is Arieh Deri 50, leader of Shas party, who was sentenced for three year in jail for taking bribes in 2000. Shas’ spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (himself son of an Iraqi Jewish parents), who called for the annihilation of Arabs.

Arabs introduced Islam to the native Berbers in the 7th. century. The current population of Morocco is a little over 34 millions (99% Muslims and 1% Jews and Christians).

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