Mauritania joins the ‘anti-Semite world’

Two weeks ago, Mauritania’s new government of General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz gave Zionist entity 48 hours to close-down its 9-year-old embassy in Nouakchott (October 1999) and its staff to leave Mauritania. The General took the decision while attending a conference on Israeli brutalities Gazzah in Doha (Qatar) in January. Interestingly, Qatar is home to America’s largest military base in the Middle East and it has ‘friendly’ relations with the Zionist entity alon with Morocco, Oman and Tunisia. Qatar is also home to the Arab world’s largest news and propaganda outlets – Al-Jazeera and Both propagate Western version of ‘moderate Islam’ and keep the Ummah divided between Suni Arab and Shia Iran.

Miki Arbel was about to replace Boaz Bismuth as Israeli ambassador to Mauritania in August 2008 – when the so-called “radical Islamists” (who according to USrael have ties with the evergreen Al-Qaeda carried out a military coup and dismissed both Mauritanian president Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi and prime minister Yahya Auld Ahmed Waqef. Mauritania was one the three Arab League member countries, which had full diplomatic relation with the Jewish settlers’ government in Tel Aviv – the other two being Egypt and Jordan.

Islam was introduced in Mauritania by the Al-Murabitum, a Berber tribe, in 11th century. Today, the entire population of 3.8 million is Muslim. They were later defeated by the Arab Moores, led by Beni Hassanm in the 16th century. The French occupied the “Moorish country” in 1903 and declared it a colony in 1920. Mauritania became independent in 1960. It withdrew from the French community in 1966. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania was proclaimed in November 1968. Slavery was abolished in 1980, but the social status and economic situation of freed slaves have not improved much.

Most Mauritanians are either nomadic herders or settled farmers who live within a subsistence economy. So far politics shaped the western interests in Mauritania – but since country’s production of oil from its Chinguetti oilfield in February 2006 – the interest has become economical too. The oilfield is estimated to have 123 million barrels of oil.

Since the installation of anti-Israel government in Mauritania – the US has suspended its annual bribe of US$20 million in military supplies, training and the humanitarian fields. Egypt receives US$1,500 million/year and Jordan US$350 million/year for protecting Zionist entity from Islamic Resistance groups.

And finally, a short note on one of many Zionist myths – the ‘anti-Semitism’. Historically, only a few thousand Jews among world’s 13.5 million Jewish population can prove their Semitism. All the rest belong to Berber tribes which joined Judaism in the 5-6th century and the vast majority belongs to Khazar Turks who converted to Judaism in the 10th century. Since the Jewish elites have a history of giving their daughters in marriage to Gentile powerful individuals – almost all the mass-murderers of the 20th century, such as, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Churchill can claim to be Semites. According to an American Jewish scholar, Tim Wise, Zionist leaders are the biggest anti-Semites but they use this to shut people who dare to criticize Israel.

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