From Belfast to Jerusalem

When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it ia an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and systematically exterminating them ever since,” – John Kaminski, a Jewish historian.

Ulster was part of Catholic Ireland until Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603). After that, as result of three local rebellions, the Crown confiscated the land and settled non-Catholic Scot Christians. In 1922, When Irish republic gained sovereignty, the relations between the mainland and Ulster improved though the Irish Republican Army (IRA) kept their struggle for the unification of the divided Irish terrorities.

Ignoring the very history of Palestine and Northern Ireland – On March 18, a panel of ‘American experts’ was convened at Capitol Hill to discuss how the Palestinians’ struggle to regain their ancestral land occupied by foreign Jews can take inspiration from the Irish peace process (let us not count the numerous ‘peace processes’ have Palestinians have been offered while giving Zionist entity time to grab more natives’ land). The panel, code name, “From Belfast to Jerusalem” included John Bruton, EU ambassador to Washington, Sarah Brophy, former assistant to Bill Clinton, Denis Staunton of ‘Irish Times’, and Daniel Levy, a senior fellow at Zionist think tank New America Foundation.

As you see, the panel members represent the groups which don’t want to have dialogue with the democratically elected government of Palestians – Hamas. The panel could have fooled some critic if it had included USrael’s best Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas!

Now let us consider some of historic dissimilaries between the conflict in Northern Ireland and Palestine.

1. The settlers in Ulster were Scots, who like the natives were both westerners and Christians, though of different denomination. In contrast to that – the settlers in Palestine are Europeans and Jewish – toally different from the native, who are Arabs and Muslims or Christians.

2. Though in both cases – British imperialists divided the countries under their occupation – other foreign countries, like the US and Canada, played significant part in funding the opposing parties in Northern Ireland. Not only Catholic and Protestant communities were allowed to raise funds for their co-religionists in the US and Canada – president Bill Clinton’s Zionist administration gave visa to the leader of the so-called Irish  ‘terrorist group’ Sinn Fein (IRA’s politcal arm). Contrary to that – many Muslim chrities have been closed down in the US and Canada, because the Jewish Lobby groups believe – they were supporting Hamas or Hizb’Allah resistance groups fighting against Zionist regime in occupied Palestine and Lebanon. In fact, only Israel, the US and Canada are the three countries in the entire world which has declared these two resistance groups as ‘terrorists’.

3. During all the so-called ‘peace processes’ – according to Levi: “Israel continue to build settlements on Palestinian land at an alarming rate,” – which British government did not do during its peace negotiations with IRA – to change the demographic situation in Northern Ireland in its favour.

4. The US, as one of the five veto powers at United Nation Security Council – used its first veto in 1972, to prevent a resolution censoring Zionist entity. Since that time, the US has become by far the most frequent user of vetos, mainly against resolutions criticizing Israel and not the US itself. In fact, since 1982, the US has vetoed 32 Security Council resolution critical of Israel, more than the total number of all vetoes cast by all the other UNSC members. Contrary to that, Britain has never used its veto power in case of Northern Ireland conflict.

5. European human right reports have found both the British and Israeli forces using torture against civilian population. In July 1995, it demanded that the notorious Castlereagh detention centre be closed down immediately – which was not closed down till 1999. Israel has no record of closing-down any of its detention camps where more than 10,000 Arab civilians are being tortured on daily basis.

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