Ankara: Jewish settlers’ land claims were forged

When you read Zionist history from objective sources, you would come to conclusion that the majority of their claims are based on deceit, myths and forgery – be it Hitler or Nazis or who control USA? or Holocaust or 9/11. The latest confirmation of this fact comes from a very unexpected source – a regime created by Crypto-Jewish elites – Turkey.

Since General Mustafa Kemal Pasha abolished Ottoman Sultanate in the 1920s – Turkey’s successive Kemalist regimes have maintained ‘brotherly’ relations with western anti-Islam Jewish organizations – so much so that when world Zionist organizations were advising governments in Britain, the US, and Canada – not to allow Jews from European countries under Nazi rule – Turkey’s ambassador issued 100,000 visas to Jews to settle in Turkey, Palestine and Tunisia. When Jewish settlers declared the state of Israel in 1948 – Turkey was the first Muslim nation-state to recognize the Jewish occupation of the former Ottoman Willyat (Palestine). Since then Turkey and Zionist entity have been close military and economic allies and traditionally, Turkey has avoided to expose Zionists’ lies about Jewish mistreatment under Ottoman and Arab countries. However, since the 23-day Israeli invasion of 1.5 million Palestinian ghetto (Gaza) – there appears to some cracks in the decades-old Ankara-Tel Aviv love affair.

Recently, Turkish land registry in Ankara opened its archives for the first time to the lawyers representing the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, an East Jerusalem neighbourhood – which showed that the title deeds produced by Jew settlers are forged. Now the lawyers have submitted those Ottoman documents to an Israeli court, which is expected to verify them in the coming weeks – which may save the homes of 500 Muslim and Christian residents of Sheikh Jarrah being occupied by Jewish thugs.

In a 2004 forgery – Abdel Latif Sumarin sold a plot near the village of Burqa to a company with Arabic name. However, the Associated Press invstigator after cheking public record in the West Bank, Israel and the US – found out that the document was not only a bad forgery but faunny too – because Sumarin never visited the US and he died in 1961. The land is part of Migron where 100 Jewish settlers have their houses built. But what makes me laugh is the stupidity of these goons, who still want the world to believe that because the Roman expelled the Jews from Palestine in 70 AD – the land still belongs to Jews and they don’t need any legal documents to prove it.

“This land belongs to the people of Israel (90% of 13.5 million world Jewry are not ‘people of Israel’ but Khazar Turks who converted to Judaism during the 10th century), who were driven off by force. No Palestinian has a rightful claim to any part of the West Bank,” – Itay Harel, a social worker who lives on Sumarin’s plot. Doesn’t the idiot give a good reason for the Natives of Americana and Australia to demand their lands back and through the White settlers, like the Jewish in Palestine, to place from where they originated – Europe!!

Jew settlers have a long history of shady land dealings. For example, by 1929, 156,000Jewish settlers were in Palestine – approximately double the number of ten years before. These settlers owned approximately 4% of Palestine but about 14% of agricultural land. How they acquired the land was a point of bitter contention. Absentee landlords (mostly Turks) had long held title to many villages where Palestinian had lived, lived, and died for generations. Zionist Jews purchased (funded by Lord Rothschild) the villages from these absentee landlords and evicted the inhabitants. The Arab farmers who had worked there for generations were dispossessed and unemployed. They flocked to the cities for work, but, there, Jews owned most of the industries and they had the policy of not hiring Arabs (a case of Talmudic racism). When an Arab could find work, he was paid less than a Jew.

William P. Meyers in his January 9, 2009 article Israel and the Ten Commandments wrote:

“The Jews, or the Jews in Palestine known as Israelis, started massive land thefts begining with the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. This theft took many forms. In all too many cases for a particular piece of land some Palestinian were murdered and the rest fled, title to the land was worked out later. In other cases when Palestinians fled they were unable to pay the real estate taxes imposed by Israeli government, so they lost their land, which Israel gave or sold to Jewish settlers. This process has ebbed and flowed but never stopped. Fraudulent conveyance continues to this day…..”

Zionists have a history of pimping Jewish girls to trick Arab landowners into selling or ceding their lands to the Jewish Agency. The trick was simple. A young and extremely beautiful East European Jewish female would seduce an Arab mukhtar into sleeping with her, and in the process, she would ask him a ‘small favour’ , namely to cede some of his land as a ‘proof’ for his love for her.

Remember our friendly neighbourhood Jewish billionaire, Bernard Madoff, who cheated US$50 billion from both fellow Jews and Gentiles – gave a lot of money to Jewish causes and Israel.

One response to “Ankara: Jewish settlers’ land claims were forged

  1. Salam and thank you. There is a relentless efforts by Israel and its Zionist supporters to suppress the truth and that the fact that Israel is nothing more than a FRAUD, a big lie. Too bad Zionists have hijacked Judaism as a religion. These days, the practice of Judaism is limited to several hundred thousands who are the true believer in the message of God. The rest are not Jews but Zionist. Judaism as we knew it for thousands of years ceased to exist with Zionism taking over. Israel is the largest land theft in the history of man-kind. Israel will always remain a racist and criminal state.

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