Turks: “Obongo go home to your Jew masters”

America’s Zionist administeration picked Turkey as the first Muslim-majority (98%) country to play host to Obama during his current tour of Europe – for the following very ‘safe reasons’:

1. Kemalist Turkey is one the two Muslim countries which recognized Zionist entity’s right to exist on a Muslim land – the other was Reza Shah’s Iran till he was thrown out of the country by Islamic Revolutionaries in 1979.

2. Since 1950s, Turkey has very close military and trade relations with the Zionist entity – cemented by exchange of visits by top government and military officials.

3. Turkey is the only Muslim member of NATO.

4. America has a number of military bases in Turkey, which it has used during its invasion of Iraq. Most Turks are for the removal of these bases from their country.

5. Turkey is the best monetary sucker amongst 57 Muslim states. It owes more than US$237 billion to the IMF and WB.

6. Turkey is the third strongest military power within Muslim world after Pakistan and Islamic Iran.

7. Turkey has developed good relations with Hamas, Iran and Syria – which Obama wants to use for the benefit of Israel.

However, both Obama and his Jewish master were shocked to see how Turk public reacted to his 2-day visit to Turkey. According to Washington Times (April 5, 2009), thousands of Turks came out on streets in both Istanbul and Ankara – shouting anti-America and anti-Nato slogans. The protestors carried banners which read “Yankee Go Back”, “To Hell With Nato”, “Obongo Go Home To Your Jew Masters”, “American killers get out from Afghanistan” and “Afghanistan will be Obama’s Vietnam”.

Addressing the Turk lawmakers, Obama, talked from both sides of his mouth. He ‘modified’ several of his campaign statements. For example:

1. During his campaign, in order to assure the Jewish Lobby, he repeated like a parrot that he has no ties with Muslims (his father a African Muslim who left Obama’s American White Christian mother before his birth. His mother has Jewish blood and one of Obama’s cousin is a Black Rabbi). However, he retracted that statement and said that many Afro-American have Muslims among their families and he is one of them.

2. As a Senator, Obama always called the mass killing of Armeians under Ottoman rule as “genocide” – but here in Turkey, he avoided using the word “genocide” and called it “killing” – which he wants both Turks and Armenians to resolve as good neighbours.

Turkish writer, Mevlan Zadeh Rifat in his book ‘Inner Folds of the Ottoman Revolution’ says: “Armenian genocide was decided in August 1910 and October 1911, by a Young Turk committee composed entirely of displaced Balkan Jews in the format of a syncretist Jewish-Muslim sect which included Talaat, Enver, Behaeddin, Shakir, Jemal and Nazim posing as Muslims. It met in the Rothschild-funded Grand Orient hotel of Salonika….” The editor of Young Turks largest circulated newspaper ‘The Young Turk’ – was no other than Russian Zionist Jewish leader Vladimir Jabotinsky.

3. Since his very first day in the White House – Obama has been carrying Bush’s warmongering policies against Islamic Iran, Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, and Hizb’Allah – but like a Zionist liar, he told his Turkish hosts that US is not at war with Islam.

As a Nato member, 1200 Muslim Turk soldiers are fighting for Zionists’ interests in occupied Afghanistan.

One response to “Turks: “Obongo go home to your Jew masters”

  1. Reacting to Obama’s speech to the Turkish parliament, Zionist entity’s Environment Protection Minister, Gilad Erdan, said: “Israel doesn’t take orders from Obama. In voting for Netanyahu the citizens of Israel have decided that they will not become the 51st US state.”


    Of course the thug is right – why Israelis would like to be part of the US – when, like vampires , they can keep sucking US taxpayers’ to the tune of US$3,000 billion since 1970s.

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