Vampires eying Pakistan

“Terrorism is war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich,” – Sir Peter Ustinov

Pakistan’s “Mr. 10%” president, Asif Ali Zardari, told some forty countries and groups at the so-called “Friends of Pakistan” donors’ meeting held in Tokyo on April 17, 2009 that Pakistan is “committed to fighting terrorism”. Many Pakistanis and foreigners, who happen to know the past criminal records of Mr. Zardari – could not take his words seriously.

Pakistan asked for US$30 billion aid during the next 10 years (Washington has promised to give Israel additional US$30 billion during next 10 years. The real cost of US support to Israel has already more than US$3 trillion). However, the donors came up with US$5.28 billion – to “stablize that strife-torn country”.

Earlier, Asif Zardari told 1600 delegates at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2009 that the current world financial crisis is also the result of terrorism (not due to Wall Street or his billion dollar accounts in Swiss Banks and other western banks, you know)!

Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Tel Aviv, and New Delhi – all have strategic interests tied to Pakistan. After 9/11, though Islamabad was used by Washington as its Frontline ally in its fight against so-called Al-Qaeda terrorism – it has lost its usefullness as Washington’s changing alliance with India and Islamic Iran – for the benefits of Israel. Tariq Saeedi wrote in PakAlert, February 6, 2009: “Americans are using Pakistan and Pakistanis would soon find it out if they have not already. America don’t need that kind of allies and they have made it abundantly clear for everyone who can read their policy goals correctly. Let them deal with Iran and you would see. If there can be any desirable American ally in that region, that is Iran – Iran under a different regime (pro-USrael), and they’re working to that end. Except for Balochistan, the rest of Pakistan is useless to them.”

Moscow and Beijing are too pushing their national interests in that region through Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Pakistan and Islamic Iran have ‘observers status’ at SCO and have not been accepted as full members for obvious reasons. As members, they will become part of the military pact, which requires Russia and China to defend them if attacked by a foreign country (the US, Israel, India, etc.) – similar to the military pact the US has with Israel and India.

Robert Naiman wrote in truthout, March 28, 2009: “Obama administration officials have recognized, the problem of Kashmir and Pakistan’s relationship to Afghanistan is inextricably linked, and if assertive US leadership towards India-Pakistan peace might save the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan, wouldn’t it be worth pursuing.”

Jonathan S. Landay wrote an Israeli propaganda piece on April 16, 2009 – Whining that Pakistan could be on its way to become an “Islamic State” bordering Islamic Iran.

Not to be left out – Israel’s pranoid Jewish foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, told Alexander Rosensoft of Russian daily Moskoskiy Komosolets in his very first interview since becoming FM of the Zionist entity – “Iran is not Israel\’s biggest strategic threat, rather, Afghanistan and Pakistan are.” That must be some relief for Dr. Ahmadinejad, eh!

The Chaiman of of the US Senate Foreign Relation Committee, Senator John Kerry (of Jewish grandparents), in his recent interview with US Today said: “Obama administration’s plan for that volatile country (Pakistan), rolled out last month with great fanfare – ‘is not a real strategy’.”

The “terrorism” was brought into Pakistan as the result of Russian occupation of neighboring Afghanistan, CIA/ISI’s support of Mujahideen groups fighting against Russian occupation; Gen. Pervez Musharaf’s support for the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and the Mossad/RAW’s local and foreign agents – in the West’s ultimate goal of break-up of anti-Israel nuclear Pakistan.

The term “Islamic Terrorism” invented by the Zionist ‘intellectuals’ and ‘expert on Islam’ since the Islamic Revolution (1979) has been used to shield the barbarism carried out in Palestine, Chechyna, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Pakistan, Philippines, and many other parts of the world – has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent Muslims – while the facts belie the hype about “Islamic terrorim”. For example, according to State Department’s report on “Total Anti-US Attacks” listed by region were – Latin America (87), Africa (3), Europe (3), West Europe (13), and Middle East (5). Therefore, the Americans have nothing to worry about so-called “Islamic terrorism” coined by Zionists for Israel – but to look for Judeo-Christian terrorism. As Karen Armstrong wrote in the Guardian, July 11, 2005: The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA.

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