Israeli espionage network in Lebanon

On April 27, 2009 – Israeli English daily Ha’aretz reported the arrest of three men by Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) for spying for Israel. Two Lebanese, Ali Mantash and Robert Kfoury, and Mohammad Awad, a Palestinian were arrested from their homes in Southern Lebanon on April 25 for providing information to Mossad about Lebanese and Syrian military and civilian installations.

Mossad and other Israeli spying agencies have expanded their spying network in Lebanon since Israel’s military humiliation at the hands of Hizb’Allah fighters in Summer 2006 in which Israel Occupation Force (IOF) killed some 50 Hizb’Allah fighters and 1200 civilians while suffering the loss of hundreds of its soldiers ( an unofficial Israeli source put the figure at 2100 soldiers killed, most of them Arab Jews, Druze and Ahmadiya, which are not reported by IOF usually) and the biggest loss US supplied military hardware in its occupation of Palestine in 1948.

It seems that the latest arrest were carried out based on information provided by a former Lebanese intelligence agency, General Adib al-Aalam (retired) – who together with his wife Hayat Saloumi and nephew Joseph al-Aalam was arrested 10 day earlier in connection with spying for the Zionist entity. Since January 2009 seventeen Israeli espionage agents have been arrested by the Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF).

The chief of ISF, Ashraf Riffi has stated that Hizb’Allah’s security branch has played a major role in these arrests. In October 2008, Hizb’Allah lead ISF to arrest two Lebanese brothers in Al-Marej for working for Mossad. They allegedly helped Mossad in the assassination of Hizb’Allah commander Imad Mughniyah in February 2008. One of the arrested men, Ali al-Jarrah, is uncle of the 9/11 hijaker Ziad al-Jarrah. Ali al-Jarrah has confessed that his family has been working for Mossad for more than 20 years. Ali al-Jarrah was a member of the Palestinian group ‘Fatah al-Intifadah’ that operated near the Syrian border. He was caught with sophisticated communication devices new to both ISF and Hizb’Allah.

On May 13 – Pro-Israel Financial Times provided a helping hand to Israeli prime minister BB for his coming meeting with Barack Obama at the White House – by blaming Hizb’Allah for supporting Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas.

Mustafa Dhia-Allah in his article titled More Israeli spies captured in Lebanon wrote: “If Hizb’Allah and Lebanon’s Internal Security Service can dismantle Israeli spy rings in Lebanon, it will cripple Israeli operations to a great extent. The Zionist state has always relied on such agents to do their dirty work. The spate of arrests will definitely undermine Israeli freedom of action and the people of Lebanon will be able to live a life free from the crimes perpetrated by the Zionists and their Lebanese agents……”

Interestingly the largest Mossad espionage network is inside the country which blindly supports Israeli terrorism – United States of America. After the 9/11 – hundreds of Mossad agents were caught running wild in the US – but most of them were deported to Israel – thanks to some Jewish Federal Judges – two of them were rewarded by Bush administration by appointing them as Attorney General and Head of US Homeland Security Department!

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