Obama-Bibi friendly partnership

At the conclusion of the first meeting between the two top-notch Zionist leaders in the White House – the US president Barack Obama and Zionist state’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) – in their press conference in the Oval Office played the ‘old buddies’ game – hidding the fact that both leaders failed to compromise on the two main issues which Tel Aviv believes could be the death blow to the Zionist occupation of Palestine.

The two being the “Two State” solution as recommended by the notorious Belfour Declaration in 1917 and Islamic Iran’s intention to carry-on its advancement in nuclear power-generation – a right given to it by being a signatory of the NPT (nuclear powers like Israel, India, N. Korea, and Pakistan are not signatories to NPT). Bibi wants Washington to provide greater financial and propaganda help to Fatah government in the West Bank in order to destroy Hamas politically before putting the “Two State” agenda on the table. On Islamic Iran, Bibi, is paranoid like other Zionist leaders – that time is runing out on Iran’s ability to make nuclear weapons (Israel is allegedly have 240-400 of those). Obama believes that if Israel accept a sort of “independent Palestinian State” under Fatah – majority of Palestinians would switch their support from pro-Iran Islamic Resistance Hamas to pro-USrael secular resistance Fatah.

Bibi and his anti-Muslim racist government partners are still living in their terrorist past and the Arabs’ defeatist attitude, when most of the Arab puppet regimes convinced their subjects that Israel ‘s army was so powerful that taking a fight with it would be suicidal and the only way to survive would be to accept the occupation of an Arab land by European Jews. This Israel’s military invinsiblity was exposed by the Lebanon-based Islamic Resistance, Hizb’Allah, twice – in 2000 and 2006 – and recently by the Palestine-based Islamic Resistance Hamas. However, the puppet regimes such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunis and others – still prefer to live under US protection and view Hizb’Allah, Hamas and their supporter Islamic Iran, as greater threats to their survival than the Zionist state itself.

Both Obama and Bibi agrees at least on one thing – dialogue with Palestinian-elected government of Hamas is not needed to solve the 61-year-old Zionist problem in the Middle East. Richard W. Murphy, Adjunct scholar at the Zionist think tank a.k.a. The Middle East Institute in his January 2009 interview with Bernard Gwertzman said that it’s ‘inevitable’ that US will have to deal with Hamas. “I believe a new effort with Iran is called for and the spin-offs could be expected with Hamas-Israel, with Palestinian-Israel, with Hezbollah-Beirut, and with Syria. I think Iran has developed into a major regional player. And as Iran can do harm to us as we try to now craft our policies on Iraq, it can potentially do something useful for our purpose in other parts of the region…..”

As expected, either leader cannot afford to challenge the other in the open at the moment. Bibi heads a fragile government in Tel Aviv, while Obama has a basket full of domestic and international problems, inherited from Bush Zionist administration, and furthermore, he is not in the position to pick a fight with the powerful Jewish Lobby at home. AIPAC has already sent a letter to Obama – demanding that he just pay lip service to the two-state solution while posing so many preconditions on the Palestinians that a meaningful progress is impossible.

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