Warring Factions – An Anti-War film

As the Jewish Lobby in the US and some other western countries, through their agents in the government and Jewish-owned mass media – has successfully created the perception that a war with the Islamic regime in Tehran is unavoidable for the survival of US imperialism, Israel and the western civilization – the American-born Iranian breakdancer and film maker Justin Mashouf 24 – in his first full length documentary titled Warring Factions, in which he explores the common cultural grounds between the US and it Zionist-perceived enemy Islamic Iran.

The documentary not only expresses Justin’s personal experience in Islamic Iran but also how he was detained and his video footage was confiscated on suspicion of ‘terrorism’ by the pro-Israel mafia in the US Homeland Security Department. It’s headed by a Zionist Jew, Joseph Lieberman and Janet Napolitano, a reputed Zionist and lesbian. The Director of Homeland Security under Bush was Michael Chertoff, a Zionist Jew with US-Israel dual nationality. Sami Jamil Jadallah in his article Should the United States Worry about \”Zionists\” as Fifth Column? Yes explains how the 98% US population has been enslaved by 2% of its Jewish population.

The film Warring Factions was screened at the Noor Film Festival on May3, 2009. The organization is dedicated to bringing Americans and Iranians together, independent of religious and political ideology, through the medium of cinema.

“Iran is not the Problem” – was the official selection at the 2008 at the Vancouver International Anti-War Film Festival.

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