“The Daughters of Allah” – Book review

“The Daughter of Allah” is the title of a novel written by a Secularist Turkish-French author Nedim Gursel – who is currently being tried in a Turkish court on charges of humilating religious values and inciting religious hatred in the novel. If convicted – Nedim Gursel could face up to one year in jail in Turkey, the country of his birth. Interestingly, if he had written a book challenging the “Six Million Died” myth – he would have ended up in a French jail for three years or had to pay a fine of US$40,000 – as French scholar Roger Garaudy had to pay for writing the book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics.

In his recent interview with Euronews, published on May 21 – Gursel denied those charges against him. He suggested to over 99% Turkish Muslim population to forget their Islamic past and accept their past mistakes, such as, Armenian genocide, which in fact was planned and carried out under the supervision of Crypto-Jewish elites, in the Turkish Army and Kemalist government. He also believe that case against him for insulting and distorting Islamic history shows that the “freedom of press” still doesn’t exist in Turkey, which would be used as an excuse to bar Turkey’s entery into EU (I suggest the idiot write just an essay critical of Israel or Holocaust – and find out the limits of “freedom of press” in France, Germany, Holland, and Austria). Gursel also warns EU that if it doesn’t admit Turkey to its European Club – Turkey turn to the non-European Muslim countries and then could go Islamic.

The novel is based on the pre-Islam Pagan belief that angels are females and supposedly Allah’s daughters. Interestingly, those Arab Pagans who attributed angels to be Allah’s daughters – majority of them used to bury their female babies in the desert alive – sort of present-day abortion practice carried out by Western Jewish-dominated abortion industry and in Hindu India where over one million female babies are killed each year through abortion.

Holy Qur’an refuted that Pagan belief: “Now ask them (O’ Muhammad) ‘are their daughters for your Lord and sons for them? Or did We create the angels females while they were witnesses? Verily, it is of their falsehood that they say; Allah has begotten offsprings or children. And verily, they are liars! Has He, then chosen (then) daughters rather than sons? What is the matter with you? How do you decide? Will you then not remember? Or is there for you a plain authority?” Surah As-Saffat 37:149-156.

Professor Hamza Aktan, vice-chairman of Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate (reported by Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’ on May 30, 2009) commented on the book: “It has been found that the book was insulting and sarcastic, humiliating Allah, its prophets, divine religions, worshipping, holy books and religious principles. This cannot be explained in the scope of freedom of thought or criticism.” Here are excerpts from the book that were found inapt by professor Hamza Akton:

Page 22: About Prophet İbrahim – Ğ “that little İbrahim was crossing the line.”

Pages 164, 165: As if Ebu Sufyan was talking about the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) – Ğ “that ignorant child later married to Hatice, daughter of Hüveylid, then he became rich, however he could not become a man.”

Page 240: Menat, a non-living thing, a totem, talking about Aisha (the Prophet’s wife) – Ğ “Oh Aisha, dear Aisha! You little hog Aisha!”

Page 29: About Prophet İbrahim – Ğ “He could not have illegitimate children from both of them.”

Page 71: About the Qur’an – Ğ “The crooked letters of the holy book.”

Page 120: “Allah’s darlings lying naked.”

Interestingly, Bible in Genesis 1:1 calls God (the Creator) as Elohim – essentially a plural form of Hebrew word Eloh – which is pronounced like Allah.

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