Journalism Vs Zionist ‘Jingoism’

Canada’s anti-Islam daily ‘National Post’ has launched a Zionist crusade against the proposed publication of an independent weekly multimedia on-line magazine, The Canadian Charger, which is expected to be on-line sometime in July 2009. So what is the reason for the ‘Islamophobes’ fuss about this on-line weekly which has not begin publication as yet? Well, because one of the four Canadian intellectuals on the magazine’s editorial board, happens to be a Muslim academic Professor Mohamed Elmasry PhD, the founder and past president of The Canadian Islamic Congress. Barbara Kay writing for The National Post (April 17, 2009) showed the Zionists’ fear of fair journalism – not being against Canadian interests but the interests of a foreign country (Israel). She showed her contempt not only for Dr. Elmasry, but also against the non-Muslim member of the editorial board, Michael Keefer, who refuses to believe the “official Zionist story of 9/11”. Dr. Elmasry took Zionists to task during MaClean’s anti-Muslim article written by the ‘Islamophobe’ bigot Jew author Mark Steyn. Barbara also had some problems with the well-known British journalist, Yvonne Ridley, not just because of her conversion to Islam but for her association with British MP George Galloway, who is very outspoken against Israeli terrorism in Lebanon and Gazzah.

Now why the pro-Israel Canadian Jewish Congress and Zionist CanWest media is so upset about this weekly magazine? Because, they fear that it would expose their propaganda lies about Muslims including the so-called Self-Hating, Israel-Threatening Jews, and everthing that moves against the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine. Even though they control western mass media – they’re affraid of ‘fair journalism’.

The biggest joke came from B’nai Brith Canada, which in its 2007 press release (Ron Csillag, Toronto Star, Sept. 29, 2007) accused Yvonne Ridley of “glorifying terrorism” – a Jewish organization which is in the habbit of glorifying a state established and maintained on Zionist terrorism since 1948. Yvonne Ridley responded her accusers:

“If you’re going to call somebody a terrorist sympathizer – you have to come up with the facts to back that up – otherwise you’re going to wind up on the wrong end of an expensive lawsuit….I do not distinguish between a suicide bomber and a stealth bomber because they both kill innocent people. And death of innocent people always to be condemned.”

Yvonne Ridley, who recently returned from Gazzah – was a guest speaker at The Canadian Charger fundraising dinner in Waterloo. She talked about how the western media put a spin on Israeli aggression and why a fair alternative media is urgently needed to inform the public and to sustain democracy and liberty. She also talked about her visit to Sudan and her documentary on Guantanamo torture camp and Canadian teen-soldier Omar Khadr.

How much Israeli lobby has its grip over government in Ottawa – can be judged by its refusal to accept 17 Chinese Muslims being ordered to be released under court orders from Guantanamo Bay concentration camp – on the lame excuse that those innocent Chinese detainees are not Canadian citizens – while keeping its mouth shut in the case of young Canadian, Omar Khadr, who is being mistreated in the same facilitiy since his 16th birthday.

2 responses to “Journalism Vs Zionist ‘Jingoism’

  1. “Dr. Elmasry took Zionists to task during MaClean\’s anti-Muslim article written by the ‘Islamophobe’ bigot Jew author Mark Steyn.”

    “Dr. Elmasry took Zionists to task during MaClean\’s anti-Muslim article written by the ‘Islamophobe’ bigot Jew author Mark Steyn.”

    Rehmat, why don’t you take some of Yvonne Ridley’s advice:
    “If you’re going to call somebody a terrorist sympathizer – you have to come up with the facts to back that up”.

    Steyn is not a Jew (nor a bigot, for that matter). But don’t let that get in the way of your piece on journalistics ideals.

    Oh, and Elmasry’s an “intellectual”? Hilarious.

  2. Hi infidelgal – before advising others – why don’t people like you come out of your ‘Hasbara self-denial’ gutter?

    The verdict against Mark Steyn is not mine – but by the well known FAIR magazine:

    So if Steyn is not Jewish – so what is he? There are numerous western politcal and academic elites – who have Jewish blood line (from mother side) but now pretend to be Christians – from French president Sarkozi to American John Kerry. Then we have Zionist Christians, who have sold their souls to anti-Christs for money or power – from Rev. Billy Graham to Dubya Bush.

    Here a donut from Texe Marrs for the road for you:

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