Zionist déjà vu over Iranian Election 09

One should not be surprised to the current bombardment of Zionist Jingoism – publishing column after column by the so-called “Iran affair experts” and their “emded reporter” telling the duped westerners that Ahmadinejad’s land-slide victory in yesterday’s presidential election was due to rigged voting and that tens of thousands of Iranian supporters of the defeated “reformist (moderate)” Moussavi protested in the streets – calling the election as “fraud”. We would have been facing a similar West’s ‘free press Jingoism’ – had Hizb’Allah and its Christian allies had won majority in last week’s election. We read similar ‘reporting’ when Hamas won majority in 2006 election and how Iraqi WMDs were smuggled into Syria on mules!!

The Zionist propagandists expect that shallow reports on the election results and a sense of déjà vu with images of tyres and garbage being burnt on Tehran’s streets by followers of the “reformist” candidate would have the world believe that an electoral fraud of gigantic proportion has been committed by Ahmadinejad to “steal” victory.

It’s interesting to note how short memory these Zionist propagandist idiots have. When Mir-Hossein Moussavi was prime minister of Islamic Republic of Iran (1981-89) – these idiots used to call him “a radical Islamist”. Now, they insulted his intelligence by reporting that he “claimed victory” while only 50% of the vote counting was completed (IRI Constitution requires 50% of the total votes cast – for a candidate to be declared a winner). Now, since Moussavi has lost to provide USrael’s desired “regime change'” in Tehran – we would be hearing a lot of the so-called “Contra Connection” and his involvement as a Mossad operative! Iran-Contra, like 9/11 – was a Zionist false-flag operation to discredit the Islamic regime in the eyes of the Muslim world. Riyadh paid US$10 million to fund this operation – using Israel as stop-over for the shipment of military spare parts which were long paid for by the Reza Shah regime.

Personally, I feel the best joke came from Zionist entity itself. Daily Ha’aretz pundits called Ahmadinejad’s victory: actually preferable for Israel – claiming that it’s not his last four years good governance but his being a “holocaust denier” – which has endeared him among the Iranian majority.

However, I must say I was disappointed to see Abu Muqawama (a pen name for some Islamophobe), who runs a blog on Zionist think tank Center for New American Security (CNAS) and has just this to say on June 13 about Ahmadinejad’s re-election: “Abu Muqawama Has Nothing to Say About Iranian Elections” – which is then plastered with 14 comments supporting Zionist agenda towards Islamic regime in Tehran. Usually, his blog is full of crap about Iraq, Afghanistan, occupied Palestine, Pakistan, Islamic Iran and other parts of the Muslim world. CNAS was established in February 2007 with grant from Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Justin Raimondo exposed CNAS in his May 13, 2009 column, The New Neocons, at AntiWar Com.

Iqbal Jassat, Chairperson of Pretoria-based advocacy group, Media Review Network (MRN) wrote in June 14 column titled Iran’s popular choice not favoured in the West :

Has Ahmadinejad’s re-election by an overwhelming majority of Iran’s 40-odd million voters jeopardized the Islamic Revolution?

This seems to be the assessment of sectors of the western media intent on sowing confusion and doubt on the legitimacy of the recent presidential elections. For instance, Bill Schneider, CNN’s senior political analyst didn’t even stop there. He went as far as questioning the legitimacy of the entire Iranian government!

It appears that the collective shameful conduct by the European Union and the United States to reject Hamas’ legitimacy following its victory at the 2006 polls in the Occupied Territories is likely to be repeated in Iran.

A superficial media focus on Iran without any substantial insight into it’s history, culture and religious philosophy will not only distort and detract from the complexities of its political makeup; more particularly it will result in faulty analysis.

Having met Mousavi during his tenure as Prime Minister in the eighties, I am aware that his revolutionary credentials are solid and intact. His so-called “reformist” agenda thus does not imply that under his watch, Iran would abandon its nuclear programme or establish ties with Israel. It’s more to do with internal dynamics related to the economy rather than a reversal of the huge gains made following the ouster of the US-backed Shah during Iran’s Islamic Revolution thirty years ago.

In the politics of language, terms such as “reformer” give rise to romantic notions of change for a state regularly demonised as “medieval” or “conservative”. In Iran’s case especially since it is targeted by the Zionist regime as posing an “existential” threat and against the backdrop of hostility generated against it by former president George Bush as an “axis of evil” it is clear that people’s imagination in the west may run riot.

Iran’s democratic credentials have been tested many times over during the last three decades. Presidential and parliamentary elections are regularly held with huge turnouts and the expected disgruntlement of supporters of losing candidates. What is disconcerting this time around is the fact that pro-Mousavi supporters have embarked on a rampage and in doing so as acts of dissatisfaction with the electoral result have ignored Mousavi’s call for calm.

President Ahmadinejad has an inspiring corruption-free record in his first term and before when he was an effective mayor of Teheran. In addition, his modest lifestyle has endeared him to the ordinary people who in large numbers have given him an additional four years to build on his first term.

Iran’s traditional antagonists in the West cannot be so dumb as not to realize that the more they seek to undermine Ahmadinejad, they unfortunately, sabotage Mousavi’s reputation by unfairly casting him as their favoured puppet.

2 responses to “Zionist déjà vu over Iranian Election 09

  1. It’s worth noting that Iran, unlike the US, does not use electronic voting machines which are easily tampered with. They actually have paper ballots. It’s also important to point out the health of their electoral process. They had an 85% turnout! We, “the champions of democracy” turnout only a fraction of that percentage for our presidential elections. In fact 2 out of 3 American citizens find something better to do during election day.

    It’s also worth mentioning that contrary to what our media would have us believe, Ahmadinejad doesn’t have much power in Iran. The President is not the most powerful person in the country. He is not the commander in chief and does not control the army and the intelligence and security services. He does not have the power to go to war. Those powers are reserved for the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Khomeini.


  2. The latest from my old internet friend, Andrew Winkler’s (founder Rebel News) response to French Sarkozy’s claim that Iranian elections were fraud.

    Nicolas Sarkozy, you are full of crap. No, let me rephrase that. You are the biggest fraud of all. You have disgraced the proud office of the French President by reducing it to the role of a Governor General for Jew know who. Ever since you came into office, you have been working overtime to make France nothing short of a Zionist colony. You have appointed one fellow Zionist mole after another to the highest offices of ‘la grande Nation’. You have made the Holocult the official state religion of your once secular country. You have used all your influence to integrate Israel into NATO, to make it easier for Gentile kids to die for the Tribe. Aren’t there enough American kids yet being shredded into pieces for that little pirate hide-out of yours?

    As far as Iran is concerned, do you think nobody has noticed how hard you have been working to form yet another ‘coalition of the willing’? You have used all the leverage you have got to make Europe participate in the US-Israeli efforts to discipline Iran, one of the few countries remaining that aren’t fully controlled by the Anglo-Judean Axis of Greed.

    It is pathetic how you and your fellow kosher mobsters are now trying to discredit the Iranian election results. Don’t like the outcome? Too bad. Suck it up. And don’t lecture us on free elections. The Iranian elections were more free than those in most Western countries. At least they gave a genuine choice, not just a ‘World Wrestling Federation’ style pretend fight. And for all I know, the Iranians didn’t use black box voting like in most American states, where getting the desired election result is as easy as the click on the mouse button.

    You and your fellow self-chosen ones just don’t get it. The world is getting tired of your nonsense. Go home, bake bagels and play ‘Risk’ or ‘Monopoly’. Every month, hundreds of thousands more people find out about your scams and lies. The game is over. Pack your coffers and leave for a place where you are welcome. In the Middle-East and most places elsewhere you are obviously not. Have you ever considered Birobidja?

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