Obama: “A war that we must win”

Having failed to win Muslims heart through his con-speeches in Turkey and Egypt; failed to bring regime change in Gazzah; failed to disarm Hizb’Allah after pro-US government’s victory in last month elections and got humiliated by the re-election of pro-Hamas Ahmadinejad in Iranian elections two weeks ago even after spending US$400 million and Israeli Hasbara Twitters – Obama still believes in his campaign prophecy about Afganistan: “A war that we must win”. However, his ‘Israel-First’ administration believe that to win that war in Afghanistan – Pakistan must be dismembered first. In Obama’s own words: “I want the American people to understand that we have a clear and focused goal: to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and to prevent their return to either country in the future. That’s the goal that must be achieved . That is a cause that could not be more just. And to the terrorists who oppose us my message is the same: We will defeat you.”

Jeremy Scahill in OBAMA WARS: Attack of The Drones wrote that Obama’s undeclared war against Pakistan continues, despite his attempts to downplay it. According to Reuters, Washington has a secret agreement with Zardari government in Islamabad to carry out drone attacks on Pakistan territory while allowing Pakistani leaders to publically criticize the attacks. However, the resistance Americans are facing is from the middle-ranking Pakistan Army officers, who never received training in the US or Britain. Pakistan Army is the only organized group in Pakistan and these officers see dismantling of Pakistan as a unity – a threat to army’s influential position in both government and private sectors with excellent pricks. That’s why Army establishment is against American soldiers fighting side-by-side with them and refuses to let country’s nuclear deterrent fall in American hands.

It would be interesting to see American reaction if Pakistan Army get hold of some drones from Tehran and send them over to Afghanistan to track down CIA-MOSSAD-RAW funded Baitullah Mehsud’s Taliban friends in Afghanistan.

Obama’s Af-Pak strategy tends to involve all the neighbouring countries in that region – Pakistan, Afghanistan, Islamic Iran and India – though the last one is cautioned to control its anti-Pakistan activities being directed from its consulates in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton has already expressed Obama administration’s desire to get Tehran involved in Af-Pak strategy – which cannot bring any additional fruits to Iranian influence in that region because it already have greater non-military influence in the occupied Afghanistan. According to US sources – since the fall of Taliban regime – Tehran has donated more than US$500 million to the reconstruction of the country through Karzai government.

Writing for the Zionist think tank, Council for Foreign Relations (July-August 2007 issue) Senator Barack Obama showed his ignorance of America’s colonial history:

“At moments of great peril in the last century, American leaders such as Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and John F. Kennedy managed both to protect the American people and to expand opportunity for the next generation. What is more, they ensured that America, by deed and example, led and lifted the world — that we stood for and fought for the freedoms sought by billions of people beyond our borders….”

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