Kazakhstan: Pyramid, Borat and Israel

We all have heard of the ‘Seven Wonder of the World’: Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Garden of Babylon, Statue of Zeus, Colossus of Rhodes, Taj Mahal, Wall of China, and Leaning Tower of Pisa – but I bet very few readers may have known the ‘Eight Sinister Sites of the World’. Well, one of them happens to be right inside Muslim-majority nation, Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana. Like the city itself – The Pyramid of Peace – was build by Kazakhstan’s communist turned nationalist dictator Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev, who has dedicated this building to “the renunciation of violence and to bring together the world’s religions”. However, a closer look by its visitor would show that building has nothing to do with no prophetic religion, especially not Islam, which Nursultan himself profess to follow – but the Pagan Temple of Freemasonry.

The Pyramid of Peace was designed by Britain’s famous architect, Baron Norman Foster (b. 1935), the winner of Agha Khan Award for Architecture (2007) in partnership with Turkish architects, Tabanlioglu Architecture. The Sembol Construction began working on the building in 2005 and finished it by late 2006 at the cost of over US$70 million.

Kazakhstan is one of the largest country in the world (twice the size of Alaska). Islam was introduced to Kazakh communities in the 8th century. About 57% of Kazakhstan’s 20 million population profess to be Muslims of Hanafi school. Before the Russian occupied Kazakhstan, there were mosques in every city, town and village. However, when Kazakhstan got independence from USSR – only 300 mosques escaped the communist anti-Islam tyrany.

According to New Jersey Jewish News (May 7, 2009) – Stalin’s (a Jew) purge of Muslim Kazakhs in the late 1930s injected large number of Jews into Kazakhstan. Before that, the few Jews there were either descendents of Russian-Jewish soldiers who settled in that area in the 19th century or of Bukharan Jews who traded along the Silk Road. Around 18,000 Jews migrated to Israel after the collapse of Communism in 1990s. Between 15,000-20,000 Jews still live in Kazakhstan. Dr. Alexander Baron is president of Mitsva, the unbrella association of Kazakhstani Jewish institutions and a Jewish representative in Kazakhstan Parliament.

Kazakhstan established diplomatic relation with the zionist state in 1992. Nazarbayev has visited Israel in 1995 and 2000. In 2008 – Israel and Kazakhstan began a joint military developments. Nursultan family is reported to own several billion dollars in foreign banks – thank to Israeli-Kazakh Jewish billionaire Alexander Mashkevich, who owns close to 25% of Kazakhstan economy.

In 2006 – Nazarbayev’s government invited Sacha Baron Cohen to visit Khazakhstan and see himself that Kazakh Muslims are not prejudice as he depicted them in his movie. Baron Cohen, an Orthodox Jew makes fun of his fellow Jews in his movie Borat – a sort of traditional Ashkhenazi humour, hiding behind a purportedly Muslim character – while the words “Muslim” and “Islam” are not even heard in the movie though Jew figure prominently throughout – an Ashkhenazi humour claiming to speak on behalf of world Jewry – but a Zionist project to provoke and divide Israel’s enemies.

Kazakhstan is rich in oil, coal, copper, silver, lead, nickle and zinc. It also shares Caspian oil (estimated 17-33 billion barrels) with other four neighbouring countries (Islamic Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Russia). USSR carried out 80% of its underground nuclear test in Kazakhstan.

The other ‘Sinister sites’ include Israel’s Supreme Court Building, Rockefeller Center, The EU Parliament, The Georgia Guidestones, The Denver International Airport, St. John The Divine Cathedral, Temple Square (Utah), and the Manitoba Legislative Building.

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