Equality, Freedom and the West

The western culture – religious or secular – is rooted in the racial and gender inequality – while the freedom is the domain of certain racial and religious minorities. The recent public murder of Egyptian-born Marwa Sherbini 32, a pregnant mother, in a Dresden (Germany) courtroom by Alex Walker 28, a racist Russian-German, who was described by the prosecuter in Dresdon as “driven by a deep hatred of Muslims”. The homicidal Islamophobe stabbed the Muslim woman wearing Hijab 18 times in the very courtroom where she, along with her husband (a PhD student) and three-year-old son, where she testified against him for earlier racial insults. Her husband was shot by the security guard for trying to save his wife from the killer. Most of the western mainstream media ignored this horrible incident – maybe because the victims were non-European and worse Muslims.

Professor Mohamed Elmasry (University of Waterloo) in his teview of this tragedy and the media’s silence – asks the obvious question: “If the killer were a Muslim and the woman a Jew the media will cover the story for months not days and every Western politician of any and all stripes would have condemned this hate crime”.

Guido G. B. Deimel in his book Judaism and Jewish Apologetics (1997) provides the religious and social background of western bigotry toward the non-Judeo-Christians men, women and children – and even toward the female members within their own culture.

Today, the inequality in social status and the distribution of wealth is more widely spread than ever before in the history of mankind – thanks to the man-made cults like Capitalism, Communism and Socialism. While the West boasts having over 8,000 billionaire and close to one million millionaires – hundreds of millions of men, women and children live on less than a Euro a day. Hundreds of millions are denied access to drinkable water, healthcare, education, employment, and equal wages. Women and children are the greatest victims of these so-called “civilized West”, which uses them for sexual pleasures and labor for the greed.

America which has less 6% of world’s population – consumes more than 40% of world’s resources and produces 50% of world’s garbage.

Maurice Ulrich in his article titled Equality and Freedom expose the western hypocrisy:

“In developed countries, in France, how can anyone justify the fact that the CEO of a big corporate group earns three hundred times more than the employees of the same group? What is equality for the most humble employees, the unemployed, the youth going from one temporary job to another without any security, immigrants deprived of the right to vote, the undocumented, the homeless?

The salary gap between men and women is scandalous, as are sacandalous the barriers put up for hiring and in life because of national or ethnic origin, name, sexual preference, or any other expression of diversity that makes the richness of humanity….

Niclos Sarkozy and the boss of European bosses, Ernest-Antoine Seilliere, oddly use almost the same words to oppose freedom and equality. That’s an archaism of capitalist, reactionary thought. …. People are born free and equal in rights. That’s not an observation. It’s an affirmation and a program for action.”

Islam provided gender equality 1400 years ago – which differs in physical responsibilities – but equal in piety.

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