Europe’s Muslim factor scares Zionists

“If you want to talk about being critical of Israel, that is a feeling among many Europeans, so how can you characterize that as Muslim? There is no such thing as a Muslim issue in Europe or growing Muslim influence on politicians,” – Susanne Nies, head of French Institute of International Relations

Britain’s London-based Catham House is a sister think tank of America’s most influential Jewish think tank, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Catham House was named the top non-US think tank by pro-Israel Foreign Policy magazine. Robin Shepherd, a senior research fellow with Catham House warned the western Jewish lobbyist last year that: “As Muslims become more electorally significantly, the obvious casualty is Israel”. The Zionist idiot also blamed British Muslims for supporting  the 2008 defeated London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who called Israeli treatment of Palestinian as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and Ariel Sharon a “war criminal” in 2005.

Muslim population in Europe is estimated to be around 7% of the total population. However, a significant number of Muslims in Europe are not citizens and therefore, not entitled to participate politically in the countries of their residence. Muslims in many European countries face racism, based on color and the anti-Islam propaganda carried out by pro-Israel groups which own most of Europe’s mainstream media. The racism in France, which has the largest Muslim population in Europe (6-8 million) – was summed-up by a diesel-brand jeans and red stiletto heels wearing with no Hijab, Fateh Mansour, a law student at the Sorbonne (2004): “France is not racist, but it’s xenophobic. I can study the law all night, but I don’t know if I will find a job – not because I am not competent, but because I am an Arab”. There is no Muslim in the French parliament and not a single French CEO is Muslim.

Dinah Spritzer, writing for the Jewish Journal (February 26, 200) – while whining for emerging Muslim political power in a ZOG Europe – admitted: “Many European politicians, particularly those from socialist parties(incidently, Herzl, Ben Gurion, and Israel’s first president, Dr. Chaim Weizmann – all belonged to European socialist groups), long have been strong critics of Israel’s dealing with Palestinians without any prodding from European Muslim. When the streets of Europe exploded in January during Israel’s 22-day operation against Hamas in Gaza, top European political figures were among those who participated in protests against Israeli operation – such as head of Sweden’s Socialist Party and former foreign minister joined 8,000 protesters in Stockholm on January 10 – and a representative of Spain’s prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero attended a rally of over 100,000 non-Muslims, who raised pro-Hamas and pro-Hizb’Allah slogans while cursed Israel….”

In 2005, Vivian Teitelbaum, a Jewish member of Brussel’s regional legislature sponsored a bill to renew the region’s scientific and industrial agreement, frozen in 2002 as a protest for Israeli Zionazi actions against Palestinian youth taking part in Intifada 2000. The proposal was defeated for which Vivian blamed Muslims for their political influence. One wonder, how come no Muslim legislator has ever proposed that Belgium should help Islamic Iran in its nuclear power-generating field?

Israel has MOSSAD offices in France, German, Holland, Belgium, Greece, India, UK and several other capitals to share intelligence on Islamic Iran, Hamas, Hizb’Allah and their supporters in the Muslim world. In 2006, Zionist entity’s interior minister Gideon Ezra, asked his German counterpart, Wolfgang Schaeuble to declare Hizb’Allah as a terrorist organization and ban its TV station from broadcasting in the country. Imagine what would had been the reaction of German Jewish Lobby if a similar demand had been made by Iranian interior minister against Israel Occupation Force (IOF) which killed 1300 Labanese civilians during Israel’s 34-day war on Hizb’Allah.

MOSSAD and the Europe’s pro-Israel lobby groups have been known for keeping ‘Islamophobe’ fear alive in Europe. The notorious Danish Cartoons, published in Jyllands-Posten by its Ukrainian Jewish cultural editor, Flemming Rose, a close friend of Muslim-hating Jew Daneil Pipes – was a Zionist plan to create ‘Islamophobia’ among European Christians for the benefit of Israel. Dutch MP Geert Wilder’s anti-Islam movie Fitna – was also produced for the same Zionist agenda. Zionist thugs also distributed 28 million copies of anti-Islam DVD Obsession before US 2008 presidential election.

Practically, since the election of Sarkozy (son of a Jewish mother and a Catholic father and a former MOSSAD proxy) the entire EU has come under ZOG control.


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