The Muslim ‘Martin Luther’

The 7th century Medina model of Islamic state in not only a dream – it is a lie. You cannot do that now,” – Tariq Said Ramadan (b. 1962)

For Tariq Ramadan’s views against establishment of an Islamic state, Huddod punishments, faith-based schools – Paul Donnelly in Jeiwsh-owned The Washington Post, wrote: Tariq Ramadan is a Muslim Martin Luther. Not long ago, Zionist-controlled mainstream media had declared Canadian-lesbian, Irshad Manji, a ‘Muslim Reformer”. Zionist mouth-piece like British Prospect and American Foreign Policy magazine ranked Tariq in 2008 at No.8 in a list of the world’s top 100 contemporary intellectuals.

The Swiss-born maternal-grandson of Imam Hasan al-Banna (martyred in 1948) – the founder of Muslim Brotherhood – Tariq Ramadan see Islam and the Muslim world through the western ‘Islamophobic’ views. Basically, he is the product of western media – which depicts him  “moderate” or outright “terrorist”. The later title was bestowed upon him by Muslim-hating ‘Jewish intellectual’, Daniel Pipes, for Tariq’s criticism of Bernard-Henry Levy, Bernard Kouchner (then French Jewish heath minister and currently French foreign minister), Bernard Lewis, etc. for betraying their liberal traditions and defending Israel, right or wrong. His “political wrong” statement resulted in the US State Department’s revoking his teaching visa as Tariq might ‘endorse or espouse terrorist activity’ in the US.

Hamid Debashi wrote in ‘Islamic Liberation Theology’ – “Ramadan is quite an oddity and has a particularly difficult time being taken seriously by Muslims (or non-Muslims) readership…..Ramadan though of Egyptian decent, doesn’t write in any Islamic language – Arabic, Persian, Turkish, or Urdu. His writings are published in English though, evidently he is more at home in French than English, and yet his books are readly available in English – and yet (bizarre indeed) he doesn’t write them in English but has them translated into English by a certain Claude Dabbak and Carol Debawi – the translators whom he thanks in his acknowledgement but who don’t receive credit on the cover of the book, thus creating the impression that Tariq Ramadan originally wrote his books in English. English, French, whatever, the authorial voice of Tariq Ramadan is fabricated, concocted, oscillating, miasmatic….”

Tariq Ramadan is one of the ‘Muslim voices’ for the western bigots who are very allergic to the two major pillars of Islam – Islamic state and Islamic Shari’ah. He is trying to accommodate their concerns on both. He tell Muslims who wants to live within a state lead by a muttaqi leadership and Islamic Shari’ah: “We have to respect some universal principles, but there is no Islamic state. To imitate waht was once in the 7th century Medina, it is not only a dream – It’s a lie. You cannot do that now’. On the question of Islamic law (Shari’ah), he proposes a total, open-ended cessation of Islamic punishments , corporal or capital (which are far less strict than prescribed in the Jewish Bible). Interestingly, Tariq do admit that ‘these penalities are in the text’ – but proposes them to be changed to make Islam more attractive and ‘peaceful’ to the western societies.

All his apologetic approach failed to convince the French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy (now French President), who told Tariq: “Tell French Muslims to make an effort to integrate and tell them to take off their veils. If you ask them, I will believe you’re a moderate. If you don’t, it’s because you’re a master of double-talk”.

Tariq Ramadan is the knid of the “Muslim moderate” Cheryl Benard (Austrian Jewish wife of Afghan Zalmay Khalilzad) would love to have – to fulfil her anti-Islam agenda detailed in her study for the Jewish think tank RAND titled Civil democratic Islam – partners, resources, strategies. Chryl is a senior policy adviser at the California-based think tank RAND and the director of research at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights in Vienna (Austria). In her study she told the US lawmakers that the Islamic world has fallen out of step with the western culture and that the world is threatened and affected by the continuing struggle in the Islamic world to determine its own nature and values. She doesn’t believe that Islamic text allow polygamy, but questions why Islam doen’t give women freedom to have more than one husband as it allows men to have four wives (Maybe, her Jewish faith does!!). She said that Shari’ah’s criminal penalities are cruel and outdated, therefore, must be revised. She also believe that Hijab is not a religious requirement but a cultural thing. However, she admits that Islam did give far more freedom to women than any other religion. Cheryl is highly critical of US government agencies that appears to endorse the ‘head scarf’, branding this as a cheap ploy to signal tolerance when it reality they are aligning themselves with the extreme fundamentalists and traditionalists. Chryl also cannot find a command in Holy Qur’an to support military resistance (Jihad). Jihad, according to her is a “symbolic term referring to personal spiritual development”.

I bet bigots like Chryl would never thought of that how a genuinely moderate Islam can live side by side with ZOG world’s immoraityl and materialism that seeks only to maintain and expand its sphere of power and greed by creating inequality amongst the masses and genocides of weaker nations. Expecting moderate Islamist to remain silent over western imperialism is as naive as expecting Communism to justify Capitalism!

The reader may ask the question that with such ‘good credentials’ – why the Zionist goons turned on Tariq Ramadan since 2004? The reply came from Yehudit Barsky, the terrorist expert at the American Jewish Committee. She said Tariq Ramadan has tried  to bring legitimacy to Islamic militants (by criticizing Israel for its Zionazi actions against Palestinians). Thus however ‘moderate’ and ‘reformist’, Tariq Ramadan is treated as a virtual ‘terrorist’. As the American Prospect pointed out: a ‘peaceful and total’ Jihad was still a Jihad!

For the sell-outs like Tariq Ramadan, Irshad Manji, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Taslima Nasrina, Salman Rushde, etc. – Dr. Farish Noor has this to say: “A ‘moderate Islam’ that is Islamic shall remain rooted in the fundamentals of Islamic authenticity and the eternal values of Islam’s universal worlview, not the short term demands of US oil companies, conglomerates and think tanks. Central to this is the struggle for universal justice and equility, which is at the heart of the Islamic message”.

While Obama’s so-called “overtures” toward the Muslim world – his Zionist administration refuses to revoked 2004 ban on Tariq Ramadan’s entry to the US. Dr. Tariq Ramadan is a Professor of Islamic Studies at Oxford University (UK). He is also president of Muslim think tank , European Muslim Network (EMN) in Brussels.

Recently, some Zionist media outlets and blogs have started to resurrect Tariq Ramadan as an “expert on women issues” in Islam. I think Tariq is being given a second chance to prove that is really interested to be given his title of a Muslim ‘Martin Luther’ – as long as he avoid to make ‘political incorrect’ staement as the famous Egyptian feminist activist, Dr. Nawal Saadawi, did when she told her fellow feminist activists attending the Montreal Conference on Women and Power: “The most restrictive elements toward women can be found first in Judaism in the Old Testament then in Christianity and then in the Qur’an. All religions are patriarchal because they stem from patriarchal societies. And veiling of women is nota  specifically Islamic practice but an ancient cultural heritage with analogies in sister religions.” For this truth, Dr. Nawal met shouts from Jewish and Christian activists calling her “anti-Semite” and a “Jew-hater”.

One response to “The Muslim ‘Martin Luther’

  1. Another Zionist slap on Tariq Ramadan. He has been sacked by Erasmus University for hosting a weekly show “Islam and Life” on Iran’s Press TV – which amount to supporting the anti-Israel Islamic regime in Tehran – according to the University’s governing body. Tariq has announced to sue both the city of Rotterdam and the University……

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