Britain: We underestimated Taliban

“London doesn’t have evidence on Baghdad’s involvement or participation in the attacks at New York and Washington…… If an operation take place against Iraq, it will not be in the frame of the campaign to fight terrorism, rather as result of other things (Israel and oil),” – Geoffrey Howe, British Defense Secretary in an exclusive statement to the Czech daily ‘Bravo’ – December 10, 2001.

On August 3, 2009 – Daily Mail (UK), quoted British Defence Secretary, Bill Rammell, admitting that western invaders in Afghanistan “underestimated the Taliban”. In other words, it took nine years for the US and its collaborating anti-Muslim thugs to realize who they were fighting against to establish a Zionist-controlled empire and destablize Muslim countries in the region (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Islamic Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakistan, Kirghizia, Georgia and Armenia, Tatar and Bashkar, Caucasia, and Cremia – for exploiting their natural resources and containing the emergence of a powerful ‘Islamic Block’ – which is considered a great threat to the survival of Israel on a Muslim land.

There is clear evidence that US Zionist administration has chosen Pakistan to be its landing-pad for its imperialist ambitions in that part of the Muslim world. The US is planning to spend more than US$1 billion to expand its Embassy in Islamabad on which the work has already been started by a Turkish construction firm. The new complex is expected to accommodate 1,000 US military and diplomatic personnel in addition to the current 350 – which is far higher than the diplomatic quota of 250 personnel.

Strategically located, Pakistan is very important for Zionists to fulfil their long dream of taming the Muslim world for Jewish supremacy. Pakistan not only shares a long border (seconf to Afghanistan) with  Israel’s No.1 enemy, Islamic Iran – it also has a natural Sea port at Gwadar in Pakistan’s troubled Baloch-Pakhtoon belt. MOSSAD, CIA, and MI5 are known for helping the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) in its war for the creation of separate country based on Baloch areas in both Pakistan and Iran – under the military protection of USrael. Pepe Escobar in his May 9. 2009 article titled Balochistan is the ultimate prize has discussed the great importance of an American colony in Baloch areas.

“The US military activities at Tarbella and now the bigger facility in the heart of Islamabad are reminiscent of American policy in the Middle East, where the Jordanian capital of Amman was turned into a hub for the US’s handling of Iraq, Syria and Palestine…. Apart from the troubles in Afghanistan, where this month foreign forces are being killed in record numbers, Pakistan’s tribal areas have to be “tamed” if the US is to further its regional aims,” – wrote Syed Saleem Shahzad in Asia Times.

Jacob Hornberger, in hist article titled US Foreign Policy Caused the Taliban Problem (May 8, 2009) wtote: ”

While most Americans now view President Bush’s Iraq War as a “bad war,” the common perception is that Bush’s invasion of Afghanistan was a “good war” (despite the fact that he went to war without the constitutionally required congressional declaration of war). The notion is that the U.S. government was justified in invading Afghanistan and ousting the Taliban regime from power because the Taliban and al-Qaeda conspired to commit the 9/11 attacks.

There’s just one big problem with that belief: it’s unfounded.”

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