350,000 Harijan Jews in Israel

The term Harijan (Children of God) was coined by Mahatma Gandhi for over 180 million Hindu low-caste people , otherwise known as Dalit, Shoodar or Masali. However, Hinduism is not the religion whose “Guardians” have turned it into a caste-based man-made cult – Judaism, too, have its Harijans – and according to Israeli official estimate – there are 350,000 of them.

Under UN mandated occupation of Ottomon Wilyat of Palestine –  London created the new post of Chief Rabbi as the tiny Jewish minority did have a religious leader with whom the colonial power can relate to (both Muslim and Christian communities always had “Mufti” and “Bishop” under Ottomon rule. It appointed Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook (1865-1935), a fervent Latvian  Zionist, as the Chief Rabbi of Palestine in 1921 – the post he held till his death on September 1, 1935. Haji Amin al-Husseini (1895-1974) was appointed as the Grand Mufti of Palestine in 1921. He tried to get the support of Orthodox Jewish leaders, who were against the Zionist movement and a creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine under a Zionist-regime –  to support Zionists’ idea of a Jewish homeland in occupied Palestine but failed to get that. Then the  Chief Rabbi thought of a bright idea to sell Zionism to the Orthodox religious leaders. He told them – Consider Zionists as the mule on which the Messiah is prophesized to ride while entering the city of Jerusalem (Bible). They got the point and threw their support behind World Zionist movement. As a reward, when the British left Palestine in a hurry – the Zionist thugs declared an independent state on Arab land in 1948 – its first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, gave the ‘ministry of religious affairs’ to these rabbis, which they still hold.

So what’s the point of mentioning the ‘mule story’? Well, according to Israeli media – Two immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Nico Tarosyan (who could not prove that his mother was in fact Jewish) and Olga Samosvatov (who had the proof of her mother was in fact Jewish), staged a very public wedding in the streets of central Tel Aviv this week to highlight the plight of hundreds of thousands of Jews barred, by the rabbis from ministry of religious affairs, from lawfully marrying in Israel.

Based on Jewish law – For a man, the rabbis demand that he prove he is circumcised and produce a birth certificate stating that his mother was a Jew, a proof many immigrants from the former Soviet Union have difficulty providing.

In addition to that – Only a Jew husband has the right to divorce his wife – even for some comic reason such as if he doesn’t like her face or the way she snores while asleep. There are more than 3,000 Israeli wives in the US – waiting for years for their divorce papers to be signed by their husbands in Israel.

Now, it’s not my place to judge such Jewish laws as ‘racism’ or ‘intolerance’. Therefore, I will just quote the renowned Israeli-British Jew writer and Jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon, what he wrote in his recent article titled Fake Jewish Tolerance vs Vile Israeli Aggression: “How many times we have heard about Islam, Muslims and Arabs being slammed for being reactionary on Gay Rights? How many times we have seen political lobbies mobalizing to address gay right issues against Muslim and Arab states and institutions? Interesting enough, it is actually in the Jewish state where gays are murdered on the street. Two days ago in Tel Aviv, the Jewish metropolis that insists upon regarding itself as international Gay capital (aka The Pink City) proved to be a pretty dangerous place for people who happen to be homosexuals.”

Ironically, it’s Simon Jones, a Canadian journalist and blogger, who shows better understanding of Muslims’ tolerance toward gays. Under the title Odd man out – Assimilation vs Separation, he wrote: “I approve of the way gays are integrated traditionally in Muslim society – do your civil duty (marry, have a couple of kids, assimilate or become a mystic or scholar if straight sex is too much) and abstain from or carefully practice MSM discretely without disturbing the fabric of social life. Of course there are abuses, but a society which is built on peace, spirituality, and social responsiblity will find that such abuses are minimal. Islam is fundamentally based on self-restrain – the purpose of the regular prayers and the impressive month of fasting each year is to strenghen one’s self-control. This aspect of Christianity has been destroyed by the West’s embrace on consumerism. It seems the war against Islam today intends to destroy this very resistance of Islam to western decadence, epitomized by gaylib……”

The Israelis like do love to see themselves as being ‘tolerant and liberal’, they hate their neighbors and would implement the most murderous lethal tactics against them. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t take us by a complete surprise that in a country that pours white phosphorous on civilians and starves millions behind barbed wire, some people develop deadly inclinations.

The Jewish state is founded on negation. It hates everything that fails to be Jewish. It hates Arabs, it hates the Palestinians, it hates the Goyim, it hates criticism, it hates Islam, it hates the Pope, it hates Christianity. You name it, they hate it. As it happens, all it takes to hate Gays is for someone out there to think that Gay is not Jewish enough. And in fact it isn’t. It is as non-Jewish as much as democracy and tolerance are totally foreign to the spirit of Jewishness……”

Jonathan Cook, in his article Russian Jews defy Israeli rabbis’ ban on marriage (published in The National, August 6, 2009) highlights the plight of these 350,000 low-caste Jews in Israel.

It is not only Jews classified as without a religion who are forced to leave the country – many recognised but secular Jews, who do not wish to submit to an Orthodox ceremony, tie the knot abroad, as do those marrying across religious divisions. Israel’s Muslim, Christian and Druze citizens – comprising nearly a fifth of the population – have their own separate religious authorities who are given exclusive oversight of weddings.”

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