The bigots and the self-denials

The bigots and the self-denials can be found in every religion, society, culture, gender, history, and even politics.

According to late Israeli historian, professor Israel Shahak, when it comes to religious hatred and bigotry – no religious scripture can beat the Jewish Talmud. Same could be said about some of Jesus’ misquoted statements about the Israelites in the New Testament (NT). However, the greatest anti-Jewish statements were made by no other than the founder of the Protestant Church, Rev. Martin Luther (1483-1546).

Jews too have a long history of religious, social and political hatred toward Jesus and Christians – from cursing Jesus and his mother Mary, spitting on the Cross and churches, the New Testament considered being ‘anti-Semitism’. These were some of the reasons that Jewish communities were expelled from every European country.

Religious and political chracter assassination is another art perfected by the West. It comes from Europe’s pagan culture and the distorted message of the Bible. The Bible degrades prophets as adulterers such as Abraham (Genesis 12:19, Genesis 20:12, Genesis 25:1), David (2 Samuel 11:4, 2 Samuel 11:6-25), Lot (Genesis 19:33-35), Jacob (Genesis 35:22), Judah (Genesis 38:15-18); sex manic, Solomon (I Kings 11:3); racist, Jesus (Matthew 10:5-6 & 26:7-11), and a terrorist (Luke 12:49 and 51).

Contrary to Biblical character assassination of those prophets – Holy Qur’an proclaimed them all of highly moral individuals without committing any such sins. Holy Qur’an commands all the believers to respect all earlier prophets like they respect the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and reject all biblical immoral allegations against them. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) even called Moses and Jesus ‘his cousins’ and advised his followers to observe two-days fasting along with the Jews on Yum Kapur. Though, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is not insulted in the Bible or Talmud – like some of the other prophets – yet western historian, Montgomery Watt, in Muhammad at Mecca, wrote: “None of the great figures is so poorly appreciated in the West as Muhammad.” Michael Hart in his 1978 book, The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, placed the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) number one, ahead of his Lord Christ – because he was “the only man in history who was supremely successful both on the religious and secular levels”. However, since the establishment of the Zionist entity – the Lucifer-worshipping Zionists are leading the old western hatred toward the Prophet (pbuh).

The credit of putting verses of Holy Qur’an on wall-papers; Imam Khomeini’s picture on toilet papers and publishing insulting Danish Cartoons – all goes to Zionist Jews and their willing ‘Israel-First’ Islamophobes.

History is another victim of such bigots and self-denials. It could be Muslims’ scientific achievements or Muslim rulers’ great tolerance toward their non-Muslim subjects or Native peoples in Americana, Australia, and Palestine or some recent Muslim leaders – the extremists among the Jews, Christians and Hindus – always get offended when someone, even among them, write the truth. And I am not talking about Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama – who have been honored with the titles of being “anti-Semite” and “Jew-hater”. In fact, I have former Indian foreign minister, Jaswant Singh 71 in mind, who has made the “political wrong statement” in his new book Jinnah – India, Partition, Independence – showering praise upon Muhammad Ali Jinnah, called Quaid-e-Azam (the great leader) by the grateful Pakistani nation. As a result, Jaswant Singh got sacked from the pro-Israel Hindu extremist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of India which he served more than 30 years after his retirement from the Indian Army. In the past, BJP leader, L. K. Advani had praised Qaid-e-Azam while paying restpect to the Muslim leader’s tomb in Karachi – calling him a great “secularist leader”. Some of Advani’s fellow racist Hindu leaders demanded his resignation from the party.

“Jinnah was demonized as the villian of 1947 partition by India – while it was India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru whose beliefs in a centralised polity had led to the partion….. I think we have misunderstood him because we needed to create a demon. We needed a demon because in the 20th century the most telling event in the subcontinent was the partition of the country,” wrote Jaswant Singh.

“He (Jinnah) single-handed stood against the might of the Congress Party and against the British who did not really like him. Gandhi himself called Jinnah a great Indian. Why don’t we recognize that? Why don’t we see and try to understand why Gandhi called him that.”

“Jinnah’s opposition was not against Hindus or Hindustan, it was the Congress (Jinnah had been President of All India Congress Party) that he considered as the true political rival of the Muslim League….”

Jaswant Singh’s book has already topped the non-ficrion category. However, the book has been banned inside BJP-governed Gujrat state.


2 responses to “The bigots and the self-denials

  1. Islamic hatred for jews is well known and well documented. The false statements in the Koran, specifically that hebrew and christian scripture is corrupt is as a great an insult you can proscribe to the Jewish prophets as one can offer.

    Placing Shahak on any pedistal, other than the one created by his own hatred, is offensive.

    • When was the last time you read your OT or Talmud? While Holy Qur’an praises all Hebrew prophets – OT call most of those prophets as “sex maniac”, “bigots” and “Liars”. The Talmud is full of filth against Jesus, his mother Mary and the Christians at large.

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