Zionists’ academic terrorism

“Why discredit, defame and silence those with opposing viewpoints? I believe it is because the Zionist Lobby knows it cannot win based on facts,” – Dr. Joel Beinin (Jewish professor at Stanford University in his article “Silencing critics not way to Middle East peace”, San Francisco Chronicle, February 4, 2007).

“I grew up as a White girl in the Jim Crow South and I have spent my adult life in the study of racism, what I see when I go to Palestine is Jim Crow on steroids,” – Tema Okun, a Jewish academic in ‘A Jewish state – or Jewish values?’, Mondoweiss, July 12, 2009).

“How tragic that in our own time the very state established by the Jews in the aftermath of this evil has become a place where racialism, religious discrimination, militarism, and injustic prevail; and that Israel itself has become a pariah state whin the world community. Events taking place today are all too reminiscent of the pogroms from which our own forefathers fled two and three generations ago – but this time those in authority are Jews and the victims are Muslim and Christian Palestinians,” – statement from 18 prominent American Jews, The Nation, February 3, 1988.

Many Universities in the US have a long history of sanctioning academic, students, and holding debates – critical to the Zionist entity, Zionism or even Zionist Jews – from professor Norman Finkelstein to professor William I. Robinson (University of California – ADL charging his e-mail criticizing Israeli attacks on Gaza, Dec-Jan 2009 – as ‘anti-Semitism’) to professor Joel Kovel being fired from Bard College (for authoring the book ‘Overcoming Zionism’) to professor Tariq Ramadan (banned from joining Notre Dame University in 2004 and now fired by Dutch University for hosting a religious show at Iranian TV).

Since September 11, 2001 – this Zionazi censorship of ‘freedom of speech’ has beening creeping into neighboring Canada too. The pro-Israeli Jewish groups like Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), Canada Israel Committee, Jewish Defence League, B’nai Brith, etc. has been going crazy to get Ottawa ban anti-Zionist academics, politician, books and even words (calling Israel an Apartheid state) from telling the truth about Zionist imperialism in the Middle East and their Nazi-style treatment of the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Be it professor Norman Finkelstein (a Jew) or David Olesker (a British-born Israeli Jew) or George Galloway (former Mayor of London and a Christian British MP) or Dr. David F. Nobel (a Jew professor at York University, who filed a ‘character assassination’ law suit against Canadian Jewish lobby groups for US$25 million in 2006) or the Jewish professor Michael Neumann (Peterbrough’s Trent University for his “anti-Israel” essays) or professor Yakov M. Rabkin (University of Montreal, who was called ‘a self-hating Jew’ for authoring the book ‘A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism’). But in contrast to that anti-Muslim racist Jews like Daniel Pipes, Israeli prime minister Bibi, and dozens of Israeli academics have been welcomed at Toronto’s York University, Concordia University, and other Universities across Canada.

Canadian lawyer and writer, Edward C. Corrigan, in his latest article titled Is it anti-Semitic to defend Palestinian human rights?, published in The Canadian Charger (August 26, 2009), wrote:

“All across Canada and in the United States, there is an organized campaign to suppress criticism of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians. The campaign is especially strong on university campuses where many voices have been raised in support of human rights for the Palestinians. One such example is the attempt to suppress the Public Interest Research Group, founded by Ralph Nader, at the University of Ottawa for their support for Palestinian human rights.

Similar anti-Palestinian campaigns have occurred at many universities in Canada including the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario and York University.

An attack against a student group that was sympathetic to the Palestinians occurred at the University of Western Ontario in 1982. The student group was refused official recognition because of its support for the Palestinians and for sponsoring Palestinian and Arab speakers. After this refusal a complaint was made to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

After a long battle, and with the support of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and its General Counsel Alan Borovoy, and a supportive editorial in The Globe & Mail, the Ontario Human Rights Commission compelled the University Students Council at the University of Western Ontario to issue a statement of regret and to ratify the student group. The refusal was deemed discriminatory against Palestinians and persons associated with Palestinians.

Another tactic is to smear such individuals who have supported the Palestinians with allegations of anti-Semitism. One such individual was Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. A few complaints from the Jewish community led to the Noble Prize winner being banned from speaking on campus by the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Tutu was attacked because of statements he made criticizing Israeli policy toward the Palestinians that some Jewish individuals said were “anti Semitic.”

This campaign is also an attack on the numerous dissenting Jews who support human rights for the Palestinians. Canadian Jewish groups like Not in Our Name (NION) and Jewish Independent Voices (Canada) and their support for the Palestinians and their criticism of the “Jewish State,” are simply ignored. For political purposes they simply do not exist.

The ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, as well as the massacres, rapes and illegal confiscation of Palestinian property, is well documented by Israeli historians.

The view that it is anti-Semitic to criticize Israel, or its actions, is pure and simple racism against Palestinians. The Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims have many legitimate reasons to criticize the policies and actions of “the Jewish State.” A state that aggressively, and repeatedly, attacks its neighbours and is slowly but systematically ethnically cleansing its non-Jewish population is not above criticism.

Many Jews are anti-Zionist and opposed the settlement of Jews in Palestine….”


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