TIFF ‘protest’ irks Israel Lobby

“In Canada today, to criticize Israel is a very dangerous thing,” – Kathy Wazana, Canadian Jewish filmaker.

“The petition protesting TIFF decision to feature a celebratory  ‘spotlight’ on Tel Aviv – is based on the understanding that by doing this the festival has become, whether knowing or not, a participant in a cynical PR campaign to improve Israel’s image, make her less war-like. The Israeli Consul General said a year ago that Toronto would be the launch site of an extensive “Brand Israel” campain,” – Actress Jane Fonda.

In case someone like to find out how the Zionist thugs mistranslated Ahmadinejad’s statement Wipe Out Israel Off The Map to serve their evil propaganda – should see the current protest against the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for showing 10 Israeli films glorifying Tel Aviv city’s 100th anniversary – being projected as Boycott by the Israeli Lobby.  Tel Aviv is also known as The Pink City. The city was not only built on the land stolen by European Jews from native Muslim and Christian Palestinians – but also prides itself being the home to 250 brothels – according to Marion Marrache (Jerusalem Post, August 31, 2001).

More than 65 Jewish and Christian artists, academics, and filmakers – who signed the Toronto Declaration: No Celebration of Occupation – have called the event – “The Israeli propaganda machine.” The ten-day, 34th edition of ‘City to City’ festival, kicked-off on September 11. The signatories include John Greyson, Jane Fonda, Wallace Shawn, Danny Glover, David Byrne, Ken Loach, Eve Ensler, Harry Belfonte, Viggo Mortensen, Udi Aloni, Naomi Klein and Howard Zinn.

Zionist Rabbi Marwin Heir of Simon Weisenthal Center has blasted everyone who signed the declaration saying: “People who support letters like this are people who don’t support two-state solution. By calling into question the legitimacy of Tel Aviv, they are supporting a one-state solution, which means the destruction of State of Israel.”

Israel-born Canadian documentary filmaker, Simcha Jacobovici suggested to John Greyson to find Israeli vs Palestinian tolerance – by screening his short film about Sarajevo Queer Festival (about gays) in Tel Aviv and the West Bank – indirectly meaning that while Israeli Jews  are tolerant toward gays – the Muslims in the West Bank would not.

Robert Lantos writing for the anti-Islam Can-West daily, The National Post (September 11, 2009) called Noami Klein a “professional agitator and a liar”. Interestingly, he challenged Noami by saying: “There was no such thing as Palestine prior to 1948”. However, he did add: “When city of Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, it was a Turkish colony, later a British colony, and once upon a time a Roman colony.” I wonder why the idiot missed the period between 7th to 17th century when Palestine was “colonized” by Muslim Arabs including  over 100 years by the European Christian Franks – who butchered Jerusalem’s entire Muslim population of 65,000 and Jewish population of 5,000!!

City of Tel Aviv was established by European Jewish immigrant on September 11, 1909. The name Tel Aviv was taken from Theodor Herzl’s 1902 novel Altneuland in Hebrew. Originally design by Zionist Jewish elites as a garden suburb of the rapidly expanding Arab town of Jaffa. It was established as a preeminent symbol of the future Jewish demographic state of Israel.

The city, according to Zionist poetry, literary and academic propaganda – was “Born out of Sand” with no Arab living around. However, the truth is that Tel Aviv though established on a sandy region near the shore – was part of a complex ecosystem that included citrus orchards and farms, Jafa and its famous port, mills, Bedouin encampments, and SIX Palestinian villages. the remnants of one village, Summel, are still visible along Ibn Girol Street. The city layout was designed by Scottish urban planner, Patric Geddes, in 1925.

Tel Aviv is a living example of Zionists’ Talmudic racism against non-Jewish Arab natives. In 1940 the mayor of all-Jewish Tel aviv threatened the British District Commissioner that he would “blow up with bombs” a new market opened on the mutual border with Palestinian-majority Jaffa – because it would lead to greater movement of goods and people back and forth.

After the 1948 ‘Occupation War’ – only 5,000 of Jaffa’s 70,000 Arabs stayed put. The Arab exodus pleased David Ben Gurion, who declared: “Jaffa will be a Jewish city…War is war”. In 1950, Jaffa was annexed to Tel Aviv.


2 responses to “TIFF ‘protest’ irks Israel Lobby

  1. An idiot extra-ordinaire ranted about “Zionist thugs who condemned the Iranian fuckwit’s desire to wipe off Israel from the map.”

    The “Zionist thugs” are:
    The governments of the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, India; the Commission of the European Union and the United Nations Organization.

    Rarely has one encountered a greater idiot than the author of the original posting.

  2. First of all – let me congratulate you on your “Talmudic language”. Now that the “Zionist thug” fog has passed the Iranian desert – let me say that the only country has been “wiped off the Map” – is 5,000-year-old Palestine – thanks to the “Zionazi thugs”.

    I wish, Dr. ahmadinejad had said that – but he is a very modest Muslim individual, professor, and politician – so I have say the above.

    Your list contain all the countries which, unfortunately, for the citizens of those countries – are racist ZOGs.

    And finally, the author of the original article – thank some paranoid and stupid person to take time and make us aware – what kind of evil the 1.5 million Gazzan are facing every day.

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