Zionists against Zionists

When you read the history of Zionists from objective sources , you discover that they’re evil-doers and the greatest threat to the world peace. Since my earlier post, titled “Jewish Question: The Cock-fighting continue” – which was about pro-Israel radical Jews questioning the ‘Jewishness’ of of their fellow Jews who are against the Zionazi activities of the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestine – a new controversary has emerged. This time it’s between the radical Zionists Vs Zionists.

On September 15, a United Nations War Crime Report prepared by a four-member fact finding commission, headed by pro-Israel Zionist South African judge, Richard Goldstone (his daughter Nicole Goldstone, who lives in Toronto, in an interview with Jerusalem Post confirmed that Goldstone is a “Zionist who loves Israel”), issued its findings – blaming the Zionist entity for committing war crimes. The report also blamed the Gazzah people for throwing rockets on the peaceful foreign Zionist settlers living over Palestinian land. The Zionist-regime has never given a hoot to such reports in the past – but what made it whine around the globe – is that the report has recommended that if the Zionist entity refuses to appoint an appropriate inquiry within next six months – the Security Council should refer the matter to the prosecutors at the International Criminal Court. That additional stuff have made the Zionist entity and its Jewish Lobby, both in the US and Canada, very furious. They have called the report “biased” and Goldstone a “self-hating Jew”. The Zionist think tank, Huffingtonpost, gave the report a religious tone too – calling it Goldstone’ Rose Hashanah Bomb!!

Israel refused to cooperate, answer questions or even permit the panel to enter Israel. Israel’s foreign ministry immediately dismissed the entire report as a “biased screed that writes a new and shameful chapter in the history of international law and doesn’t merit a response”.

On September 15, the Geneva Initiative, a Israeli-Palestinian group, which favours the ‘Two-State” – founded in 2002 by former Israeli Justice Minister Jossi Beilin and Palestinian negotiator Yasser Abed – published a 400-page book that details the various actions on Israeli side which would allow the Palestinian Native Muslim and Christianty communities to live in a lasting peace with Jew-settlers’ state of Israel. The proposals include withdrawal of all Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) from the Gazzah, the West Bank; dismantling all Jewish settlements in those areas; return of East Jerusalem as capital of the new Palestinian State; giving rights of return to Palestinian refugees or due compensations, and allowing the new Palestinian State to function as an independent and democratic state with the right to defend its borders.

Since the publication of the 575-page UN report – the Zionist Lobby has started a vicious smear campaign against Richard Goldstone. The Zionist regime along with the leaders of all western ZOG states have criticized the finding, calling it baised to Israel. However, most of the Jewish-controlled mainstream media has ignored the Geneva Initiative proposals.

According to some Israeli commentators – Israel being a “normal” civilized country – only does what world’s other “normal” and civilized countries do – Going to war and killing innocent people in the process, as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Northern Ireland, etc. In the end, it’s all about the “might is right” and about the morals. Amir Oren, writing in Israel daily Ha’aretz spilled out the truth: “When the smoke of Goldstone’s report clears, the IDF and the government can emerge from the bunker to find that little damage has been done. Israel’s cooperation is needed in diplomatic arena. President Barack Obama will probably curb the propagandistic trend of slamming Israel for war crimes in order to extract tangible concessions from it as a peace partner.”

On September 18, the UN committed another  ‘anti-Semite’ sin. Its nuclear assembly, meeting in Geneva, urged Zionist entity to accede to NPT and place all its nuclear sites under UN inspections as Iran has done. As expected, the western ZOGs tried to block the resolution – but failed. The resolution was passed with 49 in favor including Russia and China, 45 against and 15 absentions. It’s the first time the UN members had the courage to do that since 1991. Israeli representative, rejected the resolution by saying: “Israel will not cooperate in any matter with this resolution which is only aiming at reinforcing political hostilities and line of division in the Middle East region.”

Dr. William James Martin in his recent article, titled Zionism for Dummies, says that duped by the Zionist-owned mass-media, very few western know the facts behind the 60-year Zionist occupation of Palestine. It’s not a about Arab terrorism or suicide bombing, or Arabs’ intentions to to drive defenseless European Jews into the Sea or the 1000-year Crusade between Muslims and the Jews – which the Zionist thugs like them to believe.

However, according to Dr. Martin – “History might have been very different had the Zionists component of Jewry opposed Nazism and there might never have been a Holocaust. And there might never have been a state of Israel, as many of the Zionists well understood.”

The first Palestinian suicide bombing occurred in 1994, 40 days after the massacre by the Brooklyn native Baruch Goldstein of 29 praying Muslims at the Al Ibrahim Mosque in Hebron. The ’67 War and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip was 25 years old at that time. Thus an entire generation of Palestinians had grown to maturity knowing nothing but occupation before the first suicide bomber struck.

It were not the Arabs, but the Israeli prime minister, Ben Gurion, who wanted the defenseless Palestinian Muslims and Christians to drive into the Sea.

The view that the conflict is religious and that it has been ongoing for thousands of years is inaccurate. For approximately 2000 years Jews and Arabs enjoyed a harmonious relation, and for four hundred years up until World War I, as citizens of the Ottoman empire with equal rights. Indeed, Jews enjoyed high government position within the Ottoman Empire.

Zionist collaboration with the Nazis, as well as with the the Fascists and Mussolini is a well documented.

Though a region of Argentina as well as Ethiopia were considered by Herzl, Palestine was the site for which there was the greatest consensus.

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