The “Little Israel” in India!

It’s interesting to note that while both India and Israel with the help of the US, of course, are bent on the break-up of Pakistan – Israelis with the help of its powerful Jewish Lobby in the US and Britain – are also on their way to establish a second little Zionist entity in India next to Muslim Bangladesh and Buddhist Burma. Of course, the later is not a hot topic in India or the West -thanks to the anti-Muslim partnership between Hindu and Jew extremists who own the mainstream media both in India and the West.

The Zionist rabbis (mostly European-Asian Khazars) have been recruiting “the lost Jewish brothers” around the world to replace the native Muslims and Christian Palestinians – in order to fulfil the Zionists’ dream of a Jewish demographic western colony in the Muslim-majority Middle East. In the 1980s, Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail, found some 9,000 lost Jewish souls in a very unexpected place – among the Chin-Kuku-Mizo tribe, which lives in Indian states of Manipur and Mizoram, bordering Mayanmar where Buddhist rulers have been carrying out genocide of Muslim minority  (4 million) for decades. In March 2005, Israel’s Chaief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, recognized these Indian tribesmen (Beni Menashe) as “the descendents of prophet Jusuf’s (Joseph) son Menassah. Since then, 1700 of them have been brought to Israel and got them settled on the confiscated Palestinian lands.

In addition to Beni Menashe, the other “Jewish communities” Israelis found are – Beni Israel, Cochin (Malabar) Jews and European Jews who came with the British colonists. The British colonization of India was a Jewish Rothschild family project. Both the first governor of India under the British East India Company, Lord Clive and the last Governor General of the British India (also the first Governor General of India after independence), Lord Mountbatten (Queen’s uncle) were known for their close links with the Rothschild family.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes in a recent article has claimed that Jewish elites collaborated with the British colonists during India’s War of Independence (British call it a “Mutiny”) in 1857 – which resulted in death of millions of Hindus and especially the ruling Muslims which ushered the end of the Mughal dynasty (1526-1857) and 1,000 year of Muslim rule in India.

On August 19, 2009 – John Kaminski co-authored with Arun Shrivastva an  article, titled Second Israeli state emerging in India, in which they wrote:

Activities presaging the creation of a second Israeli state are well-known in India, but not elsewhere. Most everyone remembers how the first Israel popped onto the world scene in 1948 and has continued mass murdering its neighbors and hapless nations that fall under its sway ever since.

Precisely, political stealth moves over the last three decades and an aggressive outreach effort by “rabbis from Israel” to convert inhabitants of the three easternmost provinces of India to Judaism have been reported for years by Indian patriots in the Himalayan foothills who seek to return their country to its much longed for pre-British liberty.

By means of “a ritual bath,” rabbis promise penniless Christian, Muslim and pagan converts a trip to Israel and preferred employment status, then buy votes of peasants, take over local boards and pass laws to legalize their manipulations, the same way they do everywhere else.

While the core issue in this geopolitical expansion of Rothschild-Rockefeller money empire that controls the world is proximity to the centuries old center of opium production run by the generals in Myanmar, the creation of a new Israeli state in the exact center of China, India and Southeast Asia augurs badly for the peoples of the region, as the current level of destabilization among Israel’s neighbors in the Middle East clearly illustrates.

Bharat patriots in the Himalayan state of of Himachal Pradesh today describe the region as the new pot growing capital of the world, with Israelis in every community guiding the industry clear on up to the Indo-Tibetan border.

The latest news from that beautiful border area is this. Dharamshala became Tibetan Dalai Lama’s de facto capital ever since the Chinese annexed Tibet. Some of the world’s most high profile leaders and Hollywood stars (like Richard Gere) are regular visitors.

In these peaceful parts, what are 20,000-plus Israelis doing? Many in Manali town and its surrounding villages speak Hebrew. Near Dharamshala no less than 10 villages have been taken over by the Israelis. It has long been known that the Dalai Lama gets a very large annual stipend from the CIA, and is planning to create a Buddhist independent nation across the Himalayas, stretching from Ladakh in Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh in Northeastern India.

The war on Afghanistan and Pakistan by the U.S. is a drug war. The locals want to do away with drugs, but the Jews and U.S. want to keep profiting from this moneymaking scheme, because for centuries this particular secret industry has literally ruled the world with its profits.

The creation of a New Israel right in the middle of the major East Asian markets sheds new light on the American military assaults on Pakistan and Afghanistan, as its war against the Muslims of the region more and more resembles the Jewish-dominated political cooptation and military oppression in the Middle East.

Millions of penniless Indian and Bangledeshi peasants have for centuries provided slave labor to the British overlords who have always ruled Burma with puppets and who have plagued China and India with their opium. China in particular has every right to bear seriously ill will against the Jewish Sassoons of the world who control people’s minds through exploitation of their weaknesses.

Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland. These are the three states that border Myanmar where sinister Jewish manipulation of desperate societies has become obvious.

This remote region of India north and east of Bangladesh is shrouded by the awful memory of what has come to be known as the Nellie Massacre, when in 1983 1500 Muslims were hacked to death after being promised it was safe to vote by Indian President Indira Gandhi. Numerous government inquiries produced no perpetrators and no motives, so typical in a government investigation when that government is controlled by Jews. Relations between India and Israel have warmed considerably in recent years.

The Nellie slaughter looked like a manipulated false flag massacre because Muslims and the indigenous Tiwas are not enemies. And it resembles the 9/11 coverup in the United States, where a major false flag operation was also blamed on Muslims.

The same result more recently occurred in Bombay, after 60 Uzi toting commandos shot up the Jewish Shabad House. On Nov. 26, 2008, a handful of terrorists, well trained and well armed, entered some high profile buildings and hotels, after killing three top anti-terrorist police officers and spraying bullets on common citizens in Mumbai. Latest information: 125 dead, around 300 injured some critically. Why was Shabad House never investigated? Muslims were rounded up, but the Jews, the ones who pulled the caper, were given a free pass, reminiscent of U.S Homeland Security czar Rabbi Michael Chertoff releasing 60 Israeli terror suspects immediately after the 9/11 incident…..”

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