Poll: Israel vs Hizb’Allah

It’s over three years that the world’s fourth mighty army was humiliated at the hands of less than 2000 Lebanese Islamic resistance fighters with guns and mis-guided rockets. While Hizb’Allah and Lebanese are busy in the reconstruction of the infrastructure destroyed by Zionists’ indiscriminate 34-day bombardment – Israelis are still pre-occupied with to find out the reasons for their first military humilation at the hand a non-army group in its 61-year history.

Some of the reasons they come up with are mostly absurd. For example, Tehran and Damascus supplied arms to Hizb’Allah (how about Washington donating billions of dollars of most modern arms to IOF for the last 50 years!); Hizb’Allah using civilians as ‘human shield’ (though according to Israeli sources, it was the Zionist entity which carried out such cowardly blending of Israeli Arab civilian with its military installations); Hizb’Allah conducts terrorist acts while Israel Army is one of world’s most moral forces (my foot, Franklin Lamb says); Israel did not have leaders with war experience (prime minister Olmert and the defence minister Peretz never held senior military command, while the Chief of Staff Maj.Gen. Dan Chalutz was a talking idiot), and many more lame excuses.

The result of a POLL taken amongst Israeli military officers, reported by Major Dr. Ruby Sandman in the “Israeli” military magazine – paints a totally different views than the Israeli HASBARA goons want the world to believe. The poll says that the impression within the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) is that the performance of IOF was inferior to that of Hizb’Allah. Here is the breakdown:

Intelligence: IOF (6 points) vs Hizb’Allah (7 points)

Strategy: IOF (5 points) vs Hizb’Allah (9 points)

Leadership: IOF (6 points) vs Hizb’Allah (8 points)

Pursuit of outcome: IOF (4 points) vs Hizb’Allah (8 points)

Control: IOF (8 points) vs Hizb’Allah (6 points)

Human management: IOF (9 poits) vs Hizb’Allah (5 points)

Supplies: IOF (8 points) vs Hizb’Allah (5 points)

Weapons: IOF (8 points) vs Hizb’Allah (5 points)

Rehab. & Reconstruction: IOF (7 points) vs Hizb’Allah (8 points)

Technology: IOF (9 points) vs Hizb’Allah (5 points)

Sandman writing in Israeli daily Maariv has warned the Zionist government that during the next round, Hizb’Allah will use thousands of “cells” each formed of four to five excellent infantry fighters, carrying medium-size machine guns and anti-tank rockets – and as soon as they enter Israeli-controlled Palestinian territory, they will receive support from the Native Palestinians. Sandman also warned the Zionist establishment to be prepared for the day when the US would not be there to protect the Zionist entity.

Canada, the US and Israel are the only three countries in the world which have declared Hizb’Allah, an opposition party in Lebanese Parliament – as a terrorist organization. Hizb’Allah has 11 members in the 128- member Parliament.


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