Abbas agrees to sink Goldstone Report

Al-Jazeera has reported that Hillary Clinton called Fatah leader Mahmud Abbas – to reject the UN Human Rights Council’s intention to put the report to vote on coming Friday. As the result, the ‘moderate’ PA president has backed ZOGs demand to postpone the vote till March next year. Clinton must have told Abbas that otherwise PA may lose its golden oppotunity to have a Palestinian ‘ghetto-state’ of its own – which it would need not to share with the Islamist Hamas.

Hamas has agreed to investigate its its fighters’ conduct based on Goldstone reoprt. However, Tel Aviv has refused to probe into the conduct of its army, which is heavily criticized in the report (of its 31 chapters, only one is related to alleged war crimes by Hamas fighters).

The human right groups and Palestinian resistance groups fear that the proposed postponement in the vote would let the Zionazi regime off the hook for its war crimes. Several Israeli military officials and politicians are sought in Spain for the 2002 assassination of Hamas commander Salah Shehadeh, and other European national courts for war crimes under the “Universal Jurisdiction”. Ironically, it was the Zionist regime which first invoked the “Universal Jurisdiction” when it kidnapped Zionazi chief Adolf Eichmann to be tried in Israel for war crimes. In 2005, a British judge issued warrant for the arrest of Israeli general Doron Almog for war crimes. In 2001, a Belgian court considered indictment of Ariel Sharon for his involvement in butchering thousands of Palestinian civilians at Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon.

However, it could be quite hard to sink Goldstone report due to its impeccable credentials. For example, Richard Goldstone is a South African Jewish judge and is known for his close ties with the Zionist entity. He served as prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Goldstone’s associate, Hina Jilani, participated in the commission of inquiry for Darfur. Zionist entity and its supporters always complain that no one looks at other countries’ abuses. Well this team has.

However, the past Israeli record shows that Zionist regime is not going to accept the findings of a “self-hating Goldstone Jew” without a fight. Shimon Peres called the report “made a mockery of history”. Bibi raised the Israeli objections with Obama’s special envoy George Mitchell – while his deputy foreign minister Daniel Ayalon whined to Susan Rice, Washington’s ambassador at the United Nations. All these meetings were meant to blackmail Obama administration to assist in curbing international fallout from Goldstone Commission Report.

According to Hamas sources, Zionist regime is musing over another Gaza onslaught to terrorize 1.5 million Gazzan to weaken Hamas.

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