Can Hamas be beaten?

“Hamas can’t be beaten. Obviously President Obama shouldn’t join it, but he may have no choice to work with it…. President Obama can’t beat Hamas , but if he doesn’t act proactively, it can beat him,” – James Gundun in his research article,”If You Can’t Beat Hamas”, posted at The Trench on September 30, 2009.

According to the Prophetic Traditions – The true Believers would never be defeated but by the munafiqoon (hypocrites) within. An there has never been shortage of such back-stabbers in the Islamic history. The latest one is PA Guru Mahmoud Abbas. On October 1, Israel’s ambassador at Geneva, Aharon Leshno-Yaar admitted that he will never have enough votes to postpone debate on Goldstone Report at the UN Human Right Council. But then on the very next day, PA withdrew its resolution to adopt Goldstone’s recommendations (independent inquiries by both Israel and Hamas or the findings go to ICC). Now, I don’t have to explain why PA did it. Your guess is good as mine!!

Reaction to PA treachery from pro-Palestinian resistance groups, as expected, was shear disappointment and furious. A senior member of democratically elected Hamas government, Mahmoud al-Zahar told Al-Jazeera: “He (Abbas) is encouraging Israeli military leaders to attack Gaza, to kill Hamas, and to kill people because they voted for Hamas, to postpone a very important report concerning the Israelis committing crimes against human-beings. He should resign and he should seek a fair trial. He is not representing any of the Palestinian people.”

Thousands of Palestinians protested against PA betryal in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Thirty-two Palestinian groups in Europe too, called Abbas to step down from office immediately. Abbas’ prime minister Salam Fayyad and his planning minister Ali Jarbawi, both were reportedly ‘surprised’ on Abbas’ consent to postpone the vote. Syria on its part has postponed Abbas’ scheduled visit to Damascus in protest.

The joke is now Abbas is blaming his anti-Islamic Resistance – the western-puppet Arab and Muslim regimes – while they’re blaming him for the betryal.

Interestingly, Israel’s vice-prime minister and strategic minister, Moshe Yaalon, has just postponed his visit to London – fearing that he maybe arrested for his involvement in the 2002 murder of 15 people including Hamas leader Salah Shehadeh, his wife and eight children by droping one tonne bomb in Gaza city.

James Gundun wrote: “President Obama and Israel have no chance of marginalizing Hamas through wars, blockades, diplomatic exclusion, or military and economic support for the Fatah. Their only hope is advancing the peace process and robbing Hamas of its cause to resist. Otherwise stalled negotiations play right into Hamas’s hands, who is using the delay to reposition itself as a necessary component of Palestinian statehood and champion the resistance in the face of Israeli obstinacy.”

And then James Gudun concludes: “Herein lie President Obama’s choices. He can continue to let Israel act unilaterally and with impunity in the West Bank and Gaza – and risk a Third Intifada. He can continue to let Israel dominate the peace process and control who America negotiates with – and risk a Third Intifada. The path least headed towards a Third Intifada is objective handling of Israel and engagement with Hamas, ironic as that may seem to America. 2010 could catapult Hamas back into the West Bank and the peace process, at which point exclusion will no longer be possible.”

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