Obama: Nobel Prize but no Peace

On October 9 – Barack Obama beat the other two US presidents who received Nobel Peace Prize just being in the White House womb for nine months without achieving peace in any of the foreign lands occupied by the US or its Zionist allies. The other two Presidents who received Nobel Peace Prize while waging wars for corporate lobby groups – were Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. What Obama and Roosevelt has common in addition to Nobel Prize – is that both have Jewish blood – though Zionists like us to believe that Iranian President Ahmadinejad, too, has Jewish roots.

The other US Presidents, who did not receive the coveted prize -but are rumoured to be Jewish – include Abraham Lincoln (son of Nancy Hakenburger), Franklin D. Roosevelt (son of Dutch Jewish family by the name Rosefelt), Harry Truman, Eisenhower (son of a Swedish Jewish family), Lyndon Johnson, Bushes (good Nazi connections), etc.

Hebrew media did boast that it were Jews who put Obama in the White House and that “he is one of us”. Henry Makow PhD, a Canadian academic, in his October 7 article titled Obama\’s Jewish Grandfather wrote that Barack Husein Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanely Dunhum, was Jewish. He also repeat his earlier allegations that Hitler’s grandmother was also Jewish (a Rothschild).

Raja Chemayel in his article, titled Pissing on Peace prizes!!!, said it all:

“Obama gets a Nobel Peace Prize what for??

He just got in!! This is premature delivery!!!

Is this prize for his speech in Cairo

in front of a hand-picked selected audience

Or just because….. he has the same sun-tan as Martin Luther King??

Is this prize for admitting that Bush got in Iraq

What Saddam Hussein has promised us, long before the invasion.

Is this prize for offering medical-help security

in the richest society on this planet??

Is it for bombing civilians in Kandahar?

I don’t know!!

But I suspect that this prize is exclusively as a reward

for failing to stop even illegal buildings…in Palestine.

For failing to reign in a wild-dog-Netanyahu??

Why should I bother writing any satire… anymore

When Henry Kissinger got the same prize

And Itzhak Rabin too.

Good night!!

I am going to bed early.”


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