The “Holocaust” – Myths and Facts

Could it be a coincident that I found three different writers (a Muslimah, a Jewess, and a Christian) writing on the topic of Holocaust during the past two weeks. Nahida Izzat wrote About Anti-Semitism, Mary Rizzo wrote a response to Nahida in Care and Feeding of the Holocaust Elephant in Room (spiced up by Ahmadinejad), and Michael K. Smith in Cloning of Holocaust. I have read the writings of the first two and respect their views – but this is the first time I have read Michael, whose article I find very informative.

Now, before I comment on those three articles – let me state that the genocide of European did happen at the hands of Nazi regime – but the largest numbers of Nazi victims were Gypsies followed by Christians, which are totally ignored in Zionist narrative of the Holocaust.

One important historically fact which all the three writers ignored (denying of which is very crucial to the survival of the Holocuat industry) – is that a large numbers of European Jews did played a significant role (based on the Jewish population in Europe) in the genocide of Gypsies, Christians and the Jews. Jews were Hitler’s confidents in his private life, Nazis regime, Nazi Army and the concentration camps. Zionist Chaim Kaplan wrote in his diary (The Scrolls of Agony) during the Warsaw ghetto uprising: “Every nation, in its time of misfortune, has conspirators who do their work in secret. In our case an entire nation has been raised on conspiracy. With others the conspiracy is political; with us it is religious and national.”

When Nahida said: “We Palestinians do not have any responsibility whatsoever for the crimes of the holocaust, nor we do carry the burden of European racism against Jewish people” – She is not the first person to say that. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, as the first Governor General said that in 1947 – so did India’s US representative, Krishna Menon in 1948; Imam Khomeini in 1980s, French politician and author Roger Garaudy, and Ahmadinejad now.

It’s not Ahmadinejad who is “spicing up the holocaust”, but Mary Rizzo, who has spicing up Israeli hate propaganda against Dr. Ahmadinejad. He is not saying something different than what Nahida and others have said in the past or the Torah Jews are saying about Israel and the “Six Million Died” narrative. Even if Ahmadinejad stop questioning the Zionist narrative of the ‘holocaust’ and stop calling the removal of racist Zionist regime – the Israelis would find some other excuse to demonize Ahmadinejad. It’s not Ahmadinejad whom the Zionist mafia hate – but Islam – as Israeli Professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi confirmed in his famous book The Israeli Connection and Jonathan Marshall’s The Iran Contra Connection.

YES – Don’t ever get foold by Israeli propaganda that Israel is a ‘Jewish State’. In fact it is a Racist Marxist State.

Michael K. Smith’s satirical article goes like this:

With the WWII generation rapidly passing into history, custodians of the official Holocaust narrative have concluded that the only way to preserve the extermination legend is to clone the remaining Holocaust martyrs while time still permits.

Proponents of the extermination thesis have long worried that the death of eyewitnesses to the Holocaust will cast undue attention on the lack of forensic evidence for mega-gas-chambers, calling into question how an assembly line of extermination could have existed without leaving behind material and documentary evidence. The temporary solution of intimidating the public with an avalanche of tear-jerking stories has the defect of depending on mortal eyewitnesses whose testimony necessarily loses dramatic impact upon their deaths. The “final solution” was hit upon last year by Dr. Avigdor Leibowitz at a conference of Cloners For Social Responsibility, where he proposed to “keep guilt alive” by mass producing key eyewitnesses in perpetuity, thus immortalizing exterminationist gas chambers and Holocaust martyrdom. The ambitious project is slated to kick off in just a few days with the cloning of Auschwitz survivor Elie Wiesel, who has called the effort to extend his melancholic existence unto eternity, “the thrill of my life.”

Authorization for the first run of Wiesels has been issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, which, citing the Endangered Species Act, says 500 Wiesels are needed immediately to preserve a gas chamber legend facing extinction at the hands of an unprecedented upsurge in rational skepticism throughout the world. The situation is now widely seen to be critical, with the board of directors of the Jewish Institute of Holocaust Addicted Dogmatists (JIHAD) determining that cloned Wiesels and Holocaust museums must become as common as ATM machines, in order to hold off the rising tide of “hate speech” viciously asking for Holocaust martyrs to substantiate their factual claims.

The Wiesel clones are scheduled for international speaking tours for the next fifty years, with the revenue generated by their speeches earmarked for settlement expansion in Israel. Related plans to clone Ariel Sharon to solve the Palestinian problem are still in the planning stages, but non-partisan AIPAC lobbyists insist these efforts will soon usher in permanent Middle East peace…..

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