Holocaust is new Jewish religion

I believe that when the Israeli professor Yeshyahu Leibowictz defined holocaust as the new Jewish religion – he was trying to be modest – as in practice it has long passed the threshold of ‘religion’ since Israel’s 1967 invasion of its Arab neighbors during which it occupied the entire pre-1947 Palestine. One can insult the Bible or ridicule the Biblical prophets – but one must not be blasphemous about the “Six Million Died” doctrine.

If one refuses to believe in Jesus’s virgin birth or insult prophets Moses, Jesus or Muhammad (pbuh) or ridicule Christian Bible (NT) or Holy Qur’an – No western law enforcement authority would consider it a hate crime. However, if someone dare to question the Zionist narrative of the Jewish genocide at the hands of Nazis (though allegedly 150,000 German Jews too  served in the Nazi Army and Hitler’s administration) – he would surely loose his career, or made to pay a heavy fine or even end up in jail in some western countries. In other words, it has become more sacred than Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The French philosopher Roger Garaudy found it the hard way. A French court had fined him US$40,000 for questioning the Holocaust’s official story in his book ‘The Founding Myths of Israely Politics’. The current victim of this ‘holy cow’ is Iranian Prsident, Dr. Ahmadinejad, who doesn’t deny the Jewish genocide by the Nazis – but questions the ‘holiness’ of the “six million”, and this ‘holy cow’ doctrine applied on Palestinians who had nothing to do what happened to the Jews in 1940s Europe (watch a video at the end of this post).

Kevin Barrett PhD, an American author, talk-show host and lecturer, who has converted to Islam – posted his latest article, titled Holocaustism vs Islam, believe that since the German court has fined Bishop Richard Williamson to the tune of US$18,000 for questioning the ‘six million Jews killed’ – makes clear that Holocaustism has replaced Christianity as well as Judaism.

“You can tell which story is sacred and which one isn’t by the reaction you get when you commit sacrilege. No where in the West is being brought up on charges of denying the crucification-resurrection. People can blithely doubt the crucification and the resurrection and the virgin birth and the trinity and other tenets of Christianity and still work in great universities of the West. In fact, if they don’t doubt these things, they might have a harder time getting hired. Admit at a faculty luncheon that you don’t doubt the resurrection or the virgin birth, and you will get some very strange looks.

But admit that you doubt any aspect of the sacred Holocaust narrative – six million Jewish victims, most killed in gas chambers, as part of pre-conceived effort to eliminate Jewry from the face of the earth – and you will never work in this town again. Thus we are treated to the spectacle of a Catholic bishop being tried by a new Inquisition for a heresy that has nothing to do with Catholism.

My wise old Kabbalah professor, Jacob Needleman, once pointed out that the Holocaust caused a great many Jews to loose their faith in God. How could a good God let this happen? Abandoning God, these Jews joined the atheist Zionists who were colonizing Palestine. They started worshipping the state of Israel and its power instead of God, the source of all power. So it’s easy to understand why Holocaustism, the sacred foundation of secular Zionism, became the majority religion of today’s ethnic Jews.

But why Holocaustism has replaced Christianity? I suppose it’s because Christianity has been in slow decline for several centuries. By 19th century, neither the thinking nor the ruling classes really believed in God any more – as A. N. Wilson wrote in the book “God’s Funeral: The Decline of Faith in Western Civilization”. The reaction against Christianity in post-Christian Europe reached the point that by the post-world War II period, a residual Christian guilty complex met Jewish-Holocaust power in the media – and the result was Holocaustism replacing Christianity as the core sacred narrative of the West.

Islam vs Holocaustism

Islam, the world’s fastest growing religion, is immune to Holocaustism for two reasons. First, Muslim understand and oppose the Holocaustist atrocities in Palestine. “By their fruits ye shall know them”, said Jesus (as) – and the fruits of Holocaustist Zionism – millions of people ethnic-cleaned, children shot for sport with impunity, white phosphorus dropped on the world’s most densely populated space, and on and on – are as visible evil to Muslims as they are ivisible evil to the Westerners.

Second, Islam is build around the core teachings of Tawhid: the Absolute, Eternal Oneness of God as the only appropriate object of worship. The worst possible sin, from an Islamic perspective, is worshipping something other than God. So Muslims are not easily drawn into worshipping alleged sons of God, crucifications, trinities, chosen people, or even Holocausts.

Since Muslims stubbornly persist in worshipping God rather than the Holocaust, the 9/11 false-flag attack was orchestrated in order to launch a Holocaustist crusade against Islam. Just as the sacred story of Holocaust was used to brainwash Jews into believing they had been victimized and thus had the right to become vengeful victimizer, the sacred official story of 9/11 was used to brainwash Americans and Westerners into believing that they too had been victimized, and that thus they too must become vengeful victimizers. In both cases, the victims of vengeance was Arabs and Muslims – though why Holocaustists would take vengeance against Germans by mass-murdering and ethnic-cleansing Arabs and Muslims has never been explained……

When the dust settle, inshAllah, I think more and more Westerners will come to realize that the Muslims were right all along – not only about history and politics, but more importantly, about God.

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