Israel’s Pornographic Stimulus Plan

In 2006 – Michael Lucas 37 (born as Andrei Bregman in Moscow), a Jewish-American porn actor for the last 11 years, while on visit to entertain the Israel Occupation Force (IOF), was quoted: “I will expose the reality that the people of Israel face right now, especially the gay Israelis, who are targeted by the hate of Hezbollah.” Some readers may consider it Lucas’ ignorance of the true story behind the Israeli-Hizbollah conflict – but for the Israeli Habara (propaganda) thugs – it was considered a good public relation (PR) piece. The Israelis do pride themselves for calling Tel Aviv (home to over 250 brothels) – as The Pink City.

In 2008, during a talk at Stanford University, Lucas compared Holy Qur’an to Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

In September 2009, Lucas was granted Israeli citizenship.

On September 16, 2009 – Michael Lucas was honored by the oldest Jewish magazine FORWARD under the heading Pornographic Stimulus Plan: “It’s a free PR (Gay movement) for Israel and it’s much better than the PR they’re getting on the news…”

The largest numbers of porn actors and actresses in the Jewish-American created Hollywood – are Jewish. Sasha Grey 23, has more than 150 porn movies under her belt.

Israel has used pornography in popularizing Holocaust and recruiting foreign Jews in IOF and attacting foreign tourists. Pornography became part of Holocaust during the trail of Eichmann. Books like ‘I Was Colonel Shultz’s Private Bitch’, ‘The House of Dolls’, and the Israeli mass-production of ‘Jewish memoirs showing naked pictures of young Jewish women sexually abused by the Nazi soldiers. In 2007, Israeli filmaker, Ari Libskar, made a documentary film Stalags (German prison camps), based on those pornographic propaganda crap.

Gilad Atzmon, son of one of the two founders of the Zionist entity, wrote in his November 4 article, titled Pornographic Past vs Murderous Present:

“Melissa Katsoulis’ reference to pornography may raise some questions. While pornographic consumption can be realized as an attempt to seek libidinal pleasure through the imagery of others celebrating their symptoms, one may wonder, what kind of satisfaction anyone might seek from the repetition of holocaust memory? Do we look for satisfaction? And if we do, what kind of satisfaction are we exactly? What are the symptoms that are celebrated by the story teller (many of them faked ones, as admitted by Herman Rosenblat on ABC and Irene Weisberg Zisblat in the film ‘The Last Days’. Watch video clips at the end of this post), and what are our symptoms consuming them?

Rather than a singular monolithic belief system promoting a deceptive notion of freedom centered on Jewish pain, what we really want is real pluralism and tolerance that would accept more than just one truth and encourage belief systems to respect each other.

I would maintain that in fact we are the witnesses of an ongoing holocaust in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also witness Israel preparing itself to nuke Iran in the name of Jewish history and Holocaust in particular. In front of our eyes we see the emergence of evil on colossal magnitude, and we are somehow paralyzed by a historical chapter that, in comparison to contemporary Israeli crimes, has less and less significance or relevance….”

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