India’s breakup is inevitable

“The decline of India is inevitable, Mr. Speaker, for many of the same reasons that doomed the Soviet Union,” – Congressman Edolphus Towns in his 1998 speech.

“The Indian state, in its present manifestation, practices the same repressive violent policies as that of the erstwhile French in Algeria, the erstwhile apartheid regime of South Africa and the current Israel regime in Palestine. In fact, there has never ever been a convergence of US, Israeli and Indian interests as now. So what is the piety of imposing the shackles of non-violence on the penniless and destituts of India?” – Trevor Selvam, an Indian columnist, in ‘India’s Defining Moments’.

There cannot be a lasting peace without Justice. This is the root cause of all the Resistance movements in occupied Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Philippines, Kasmir, Naxal, and other parts of the world. As the maxim goes: “One’s terrorist could be other’s freedom-fighter.”

More and more poverty-ridden groups in Indian states of Orissa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pardesh, Chahhattisgargh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal are taking arms against the central government. The people in these part lack the basics and have to choose sides. Shobna Sonpar in her 2006 research paper “A Psychosocial study of ex-militants in J & K”, wrote: “A history of traumatic aggression and loss, the belief that the violence is not justified by any standard, the constant fear that agression could start any time, and the perception that the world is indifferent to their plight …” This perceived apathy, according to the study, eventually turns into hate toward the group which witnesses the silent sufferings of the victims. Could that be case in the recent shooting at  Fort Hood?

In September 2009 – The same Israeli intelligence agencies which forgot to share their knowledge of terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 – warned Israeli tourist to avoid traveling to India – as an “imminent and concrete” terrorist attacks from Pakistan-based terrorist groups are expexted across India.

There are more than 17 ethnic groups in addition to Muslims in the Kashmir Valley – who are struggling to shed-off the Brahmin yoke. The current Moist militancy is part of that on-going struggle.

Pakistan is not the only India’s neighbor which is the target of Hindu Fascism. In fact, New Delhi has created problem for each of its neighboring countries – so much so that last year a Chinese military analyst proposed that China should help the Indian groups fighting for independence from New Delhi. For example, Nepal has been long complained Indian interference; Bangladesh has this Farakha Barrage lingering since the country used to be Eastern part of Pakistan; India funded and trained Tamil militants against Sri Lanka;  India’s hosting of Dalai Lama and supporting the Tibetan rebels forced China to tinflict a crushing defeat on India in 1962 and currently funding and training anti-Islamabad terrorists in league with Israeli Mossad.

Mira Kamdar, a fellow with the World Polic Journal, wrote in 2002 – The Struggle for India\’s Soul:

“The Hindu militant leaders are bent upon transforming India from the secular democracy its founders envisioned 55 years ago into a Hindu religious state, sanitized of Muslims and other minority groups. This, grossly stated, is the core idealogy of Hindutva: to unify India’s Hindus – otherwise divided by caste, class, region, language and sect – into a dominant political force that can restore modern India to essentially the Hindu past (of Indian sub-continent divided into 5,000 princely states before the arrival of Muslims in the early 8th century) from which it has been severed…..

The 2002 Gujarat roits were no isolated work of religious fanatics – but an ethnic-cleansing designed by Hindu extremists to purge Gujarat of Muslims. “Go back to Pakistan” was the common taunt hurled at Muslims who have lived in India for generations……. More than 2,000 Muslim men, women and children were killed and another 100,000 made homeless.

Sarabhai, a Hindu and India’s most renowned dancer, actor and TV personality had to escape her home in Ahmedabad – from Sangh Parivar Hindu mob – because she called for the resignation of anti-Muslim Hindu terrorist Narendra Modi…….”


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