9/11: “The dog that doesn’t hunt”

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is schedule to air an interview with AE911Truth org. on its ‘Fifth Estate’ program on November 29, 2007. It would be interesting watch how much ‘freedom of speech’ is allowed by Harper and Jason Kenney.

In 2006, US Colonel Ronal D. Ray, the former deputy assistant secretary of defence under Reagan administeration, in an interview asked the question: “Why half a trillion budget could not protect the Pentagon?” He also equated the “9/11 official story” with the “dog that doesn’t hunt”.

Lt. Col. Dr. Robert M. Bowman, USAF, and former head of the ‘Star War ‘ missile program under Ford and Carter administerations – called the “9/11 official story” as a conspiracy theory and his main suspect behind 9/11 was the pro-Israel vice-president Dick Cheney.

The people who have studied the American history with open eyes – would admit that White House will never be able to bring the real culprits behind the major tragedies which affected the course of American history, such as, the assassinations of presidents Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy or Pearl Harbor, attacks on USS Liberty and USS Cole, or the 9/11 and now the Fort Hood shooting. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a few incidents surrounding the 9/11 tragedy be recorded here.

There were 14 Israeli art students inside World Trade Center Towers with construction passes. The students were part of Mossad operations inside the US – reported by Political Theatrics on November 8, 2009.

Jewish-owned daily, The Washington Post, admitted on August 2, 2006 that the 9/11 Commision panel was suspected of fraud. It was Bush administration’s cover-up for its lies to protect Israeli involvement.

Interestingly, to the great joy of Tel Aviv, the FBI is trying to link Fort Hood shooting to 9/11. Major Nidal Hasan is being investigated for attending a lecture given by Imam Anwar al-Aulaqi in 2001 (I wonder how many American listen to anti-Muslim tirade every month from Israeli preachers right here in the US!). On September 24, 2009 – the FBI along with Homeland Security goons raided the house of Muhammad Abdullah, a California Marine Corps veteran. The agents asked Abdullah’s opinion about Anwar al-Aulaqi – to which he replied: “He comes from Qur’an and Sunnah”. Could it be that FBI is trying to compensate for the Jewish Lobby pressure on them concerning Harman-Saban-AIPAC affair?

After having the “concrete proofs” of Muslims being involved in the 9/11 for the last eight year – the US Attorney General Eric Holder (an Afro-American, who called the US “a nation of cowards” on racial relations) announced the other day that the five ‘9/11 Muslim suspects’ (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who under Mossad-style interrogations confessed to be the mastermind of the attack and not Osama Bin Laden, Waleed Bin Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abd Al-Aziz Ali and Mustafa Ahmad Al-Hawsawi) – all locked-in Guantanamo Bay concentration camp – “will be sent for civilian trials in New York City”. The trials got to be closer to Ground Zero for the emotional effects plus NY courts are flooded with pro-Israel judges. Holder also stated that based on his review of the evidence against those five suspects – “they will face the ultimate punishment of death”. In other word, Holder expect that the civilian courts will be as much “Kangaroo” as former US military commission prosecutor, Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld, called the military courts – in a letter to the Washington Post (May 24, 2009). He seems to be in a great hurry to pronounce death sentence for those “suspects” without firing his smoking gun in front of the Jury!

One of the “concrete proof” in Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s confession reads: “I was responsible for planning, training, surveying, and financing for the New (or Second) wave of attacks against the following skyscrapers after 9/11…. Plaza Bank, Washington state.” Interestingly, Plaza Bank was not founded until 2006!!!

In July 2009 – Eric Holder admitted that ADL Hate Crimes Bill would not protect all (watch video below).

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