Canada’s “Taliban dupe” diplomat

Former deputy head of Canadian embassy in Afghanistan and currently a senior intelligence officer at Canadian embassy in Washington, Richard Colvin, has told a committee of MPs that the transfer of Afghan detainess to the local authorities by the Canadian forces in Afghanistan – who were tortured – broke international law. Richard Colvin has named six Canadian high officials who knew about this abusive treatment of the prisoners but looked the other way or suppressed the information (The Toronto Star, “War crime uproar”, November 20, 2009). The six officials named are: Lt. Gen. Michael Gauthier, Gen. Rick Hillier, Colleen Swords, Margaret Bloodworth, Arif Lalani (Canada’s ambassador in Kabul), and David Mulroney (Canada’s ambassador in Beijing).

Since the victims of torture are Muslim – Stephen Harper’s government has rejected calls for an inquiry into Richard Colvin’s allegations, saying the allegations were based on “Taliban propaganda and baseless reports”. Harper’s defence minister, Peter MacKay, even called him ‘a liar’: “The testimony Wednesday by Richard Colvin, former deputy head of the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan, is not to be believed”.

One wonder how Stephen Harper who has been quite outspoken on China’s human right abuses – would be feeling ahead of his coming visit to China! Both Obama and Harper has said that Israel has every right to defend itself against its enemies. However, Geneva Conventions says that everyone be held to the same standard. The reason for that is that every aggressor believes it’s a defender. However, Harper government can be investigated by the International Criminal Court (ICC), for being a signatory to its manifesto while the US, Israel, Russia, and Sri Lankan governments are not and thus excempted from ICC investigation.

Many anti-war Canadian activists have asked the question: “Why we’re in Afghanistan?” The answer lies in political party funding. Lately, Canadian party politics has been shaped in the image of United State. The political parties are sold to the public – not on their record of looking after the country’s national interests, but the interests of a foreign country – Israel. For example, on Wednesday, Harper’s Conservative Party issued a one-page flyer accusing the Opposition Liberal Party of “anti-Semitism”. Some of incidents listed in support of the allegation are: Liberal’s participation in 2001 Durban I conference in South Africa, which declared Israel as “apartheid entity”, and supporting Islamic resistance groups,  fighting Israeli occupation – Hamas (demcratically elected by Palestinian voters in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem in 2006) and Hizb’Allah (for critizing Israel’s 34-day invasion of Lebanon and demanding declassification of Hizb’Allah as a terrorist organization). Hizb’Allah is a partner in the current Lebanese government and was also a partner in the previous government. Hizb’Allah is the only Arab organization whose armed wing armed wing had inflicted military humiliation on Israel, in 2000 and 2006. Hizb’Allah is classified “a terrorist group” by only three countries in the world – Israel, the US, and Canada.

Among 34 million Canadians, Jews make 320,000 and Muslims over 800,000. In 2001 – ‘Islamophobe’ Daiel Pipes whined on his blog: “Muslims outnumbered Jews in Canada”.

Former yougest female Afghan MP, Ms Malalai Joya, who was in Toronto on Wednesday to promote her book, “A Woman Among Warlords”, said that America’s so-called “liberation of Afghan women” was just a big lie. She also said that both Canada and the US should pull their troops out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. She said: “Stephen Harper says this election (the re-election of Karzai) was a success, but Karzai has not only insulted, but betrayed the Afghan people,” reported by Olivia Ward in Toronto Star, November 19, 2009.

“At a time when our rhetoric divides the world between “Islam” and “the West”, and when the main controversary in American foreign policy is not “Is war necessary?”, but rather, “Is victory possible?”, understanding the ideological framing of warfare, the mechanism by which it becomes culturally and psychologically acceptable, are concerns of the first order,” – Kristian Williams, an American author.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in its latest report has ranked Afghanistan (8-years under US occupation) as the worst place in the world for a child to be born – with mortality rate of 257 death per 1000 live births.

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